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Demon Empire (2006)

Demon Empire (2006)

Released: 2006
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Movie
Director: Dong-oh Jo
Starring: Kwang-il Kim, Woo-sung Jung, Jun-ho Heo,,
Run time: 105 min
IMDb: 6.3/10
Country: South Korea


Watch Demon Empire (2006) full hd online Directed by Dong-oh Jo. With Jun-ho Heo, Woo-sung Jung, Kwang-il Kim, Tae-hee Kim. It is AD 924, at the end of the United Shilla Dynasty. Continuous riots sweep the land ruled by a corrupted government. Evil forces are rampant and malicious demons roam the land. YI Kwak, born with the powers to see spirits, joins the royal demon hunting squad, ‘Chuh-yong-dae’ after losing his fiance, Yon-hwa to evil demons. YI Kwak excels as the most talented warrior of Chuh-yong-dae and the …