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Dora… la frnsie du plaisir (1976)

Dora… la frnsie du plaisir (1976)

Released: 1976
Genre: 18+, Movie
Director: Willy Rozier
Starring: Monique Vita, Anne Sand, Bob Asklf,,
Run time: 88 min
IMDb: 4.7/10
Country: France


Watch Dora… la frnsie du plaisir (1976) full hd online Directed by Willy Rozier. With Bob Asklf, Anne Sand, Monique Vita, Olivier Mathot. Barbara and Jacques Bellemont, a couple of Parisians are in search of new sensations, They embark for Africa to be by hosted Olivier, a hunting guide and his mistress Dora.She tries to win back her husband by witchcraft.