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Edge of the Empire (2010)

Edge of the Empire (2010)

Released: 2010
Genre: Action, Movie
Director: Nirattisai Kaljareuk
Starring: Arnut Rapanit, Sara Legge, Ad Carabao,,
Run time: 117 min
IMDb: 5.6/10
Country: Thailand


Watch Edge of the Empire (2010) full hd online Directed by Nirattisai Kaljareuk. With Ad Carabao, Sara Legge, Arnut Rapanit, Lalisa Sontirod. "Edge Of The Empire" is based on a 1973 novel by Sanya Pholprasit. Set in southern Mongolia over 1,000 years ago, a small tribe called Tai was a colony under the power of the Great Han who enslaved them. Oppressed by the Han, the Tai unites to strike back for their freedom, justice, and country. This Thai historical epic revolves around heroes who sacrificed themselves to fight against the …