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Harpies (TV Movie 2007)

Harpies (TV Movie 2007)

Released: 2007
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Movie, Sci-Fi
Director: Josh Becker
Starring: Michael G. Boudreaux, Velizar Binev, Stephen Baldwin,,
Run time: 89 min
IMDb: 2.3/10
Country: USA


Watch Harpies (TV Movie 2007) full hd online Directed by Josh Becker. With Stephen Baldwin, Velizar Binev, Michael G. Boudreaux, Christian Hammerdorfer. Jason Avery is an ex-cop now working as a museum security guard. Armed thieves break in intent on stealing a priceless obelisk that looks like a glowing crystal dinosaur egg that’s stored within this vault-like stone structure that looks like someone merged a Tardis with the Stargate. The scientist/anthropologist/whatever behind the theft talks of the obelisk giving him the power to control …