Category: Horror

Manhunter (1986) 7.2

Manhunter (1986)

Movie Manhunter (1986) Former FBI profiler Will Graham returns to service to pursue a deranged serial murderer named "the Tooth Fairy" by the media.

Special Effects (1984) 5.4

Special Effects (1984)

Movie Special Effects (1984) A director makes a movie based on a murder he committed.

Contracted: Phase II (2015) 5.1

Contracted: Phase II (2015)

Movie Contracted: Phase II (2015) Riley searches for a cure to the virus that took over Samantha before it consumes him and the entire world.

Deathgasm (2015) 6.3

Deathgasm (2015)

Movie Deathgasm (2015) Two teenage boys unwittingly summon an ancient evil entity known as The Blind One by delving into black magic while trying to escape their mundane lives.

The Unwanted (2014) 4.0

The Unwanted (2014)

Movie The Unwanted (2014) In this Southern Gothic retelling of Sheridan Le Fanu's vampire story 'Carmilla,' a young drifter (Christen Orr) arrives in a rural town seeking the whereabouts of the mother she never knew.....

Martyrs (2015) 4.0

Martyrs (2015)

Movie Martyrs (2015) A woman and her childhood friend seek out revenge on those who victimized and abused them.

Kill Game (2017) 3.9

Kill Game (2017)

Movie Kill Game (2017) In the fictional town of Grace Arbor the answers are never clear.Who is underneath the mask? PRANK'd is the story of a group of high school kids who amuse themselves by pulling pranks on ... ...

The Green Inferno (2013) 5.3

The Green Inferno (2013)

Movie The Green Inferno (2013) A group of student activists travels to the Amazon to save the rain forest and soon discover that they are not alone, and that no good deed goes unpunished.

A Knife for the Ladies (1974) 3.8

A Knife for the Ladies (1974)

Movie A Knife for the Ladies (1974) A mutilating knife wielding killer haunts the small Southwest desert town of Mescal. Though most victims have been prostitutes, the first was Travis Mescal, the only son of the town...

The Fear of Darkness (2015) 4.0

The Fear of Darkness (2015)

Movie The Fear of Darkness (2015) A brilliant young psychiatrist is forced to confront the dark creature that dwells deep within her own unconscious when she investigates the supernatural disappearance of a university...

The Amityville Horror (1979) 6.2

The Amityville Horror (1979)

Movie The Amityville Horror (1979) Newlyweds move into a large house where a mass murder was committed, and experience strange manifestations which drive them away.

Hell Fire (2015) 3.6

Hell Fire (2015)

Movie Hell Fire (2015) Meet the Antichrist. He's been kidnapped by a group of women who've mistaken him for someone else, and now they're about to find out exactly who they're messing with. One by one the women ... ...

Nightmares (1983) 5.7

Nightmares (1983)

Movie Nightmares (1983) Anthology of four horror tales with a supernatural twist based on urban legends.

The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (1962) 4.2

The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (1962)

Movie The Brain That Wouldn't Die (1962) A doctor experimenting with transplant techniques keeps his girlfriend's head alive when she is decapitated in a car crash, then goes hunting for a new body.

Freaks of Nature (2015) 5.9

Freaks of Nature (2015)

Movie Freaks of Nature (2015) In the town of Dillford, humans, vampires and zombies were all living in peace - until the alien apocalypse arrived. Now three teenagers - one human, one vampire, and one zombie - have to...

Harbinger Down (2015) 4.5

Harbinger Down (2015)

Movie Harbinger Down (2015) While studying the effects of global warming on a pod of whales, grad students on a crabbing vessel and it's crew uncovers a froze soviet space shuttle, and unintentionally releases a monst...

The Amityville Haunting (2011) 2.7

The Amityville Haunting (2011)

Movie The Amityville Haunting (2011) This movie is a 'found-footage' film about the Benson family who move in to the infamous house where the DeFeo family were murdered in the 1970s over 30 years earlier. Things start...

The Thing Below (2004) 2.3

The Thing Below (2004)

Movie The Thing Below (2004) A top secret drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico raises a dormant alien creature from the depths. Once loose, the creature goes on a murderous rampage.

666: The Beast (2007) 3.3

666: The Beast (2007)

Movie 666: The Beast (2007) Donald Lawson, the devil child from "666: The Child", is now an adult and is determined to fulfill his destiny as the Antichrist.

Malatesta’s Carnival of Blood (1973) 5.8

Malatesta’s Carnival of Blood (1973)

Movie Malatesta's Carnival of Blood (1973) The Norris family get jobs working at a seedy old carnival as a cover for searching for their missing son who disappeared after visiting said carnival. Eccentric manager Mr. ...

Eye See You (2002) 5.3

Eye See You (2002)

Movie Eye See You (2002) When a serial killer turns his attention on the lead detective he is asked to check into a clinic treating law enforcement officials who cant face their jobs. As the patients begin being murde...

Avenged (2013) 5.6

Avenged (2013)

Movie Avenged (2013) A deaf girl is brutalized by a murderous gang who are then hunted by her when the bloodthirsty spirit of an Apache warrior inhabits her lifeless body.

Busanhaeng (2016) 7.5

Busanhaeng (2016)

Movie Busanhaeng (2016) While a zombie virus breaks out in South Korea, passengers struggle to survive on the train from Seoul to Busan.

The Girl with All the Gifts (2016) 6.7

The Girl with All the Gifts (2016)

Movie The Girl with All the Gifts (2016) A scientist and a teacher living in a dystopian future embark on a journey of survival with a special young girl named Melanie.

Jeruzalem (2015) 4.7

Jeruzalem (2015)

Movie Jeruzalem (2015) When a couple of American young adults fly to Israel to visit the city of Jerusalem, a biblical nightmare falls upon the city

Emelie (2015) 5.4

Emelie (2015)

Movie Emelie (2015) A couple's replacement babysitter turns out to be more than they bargained for when she subjects their kids to a series of twisted activities.

Martyrs (2008) 7.1

Martyrs (2008)

Movie Martyrs (2008) A young woman's quest for revenge against the people who kidnapped and tormented her as a child leads her and a friend, who is also a victim of child abuse, on a terrifying journey into a living h...

Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice (1992) 4.2

Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice (1992)

Movie Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice (1992) A journalist and his son travel to Nebraska to investigate the mysterious town of Gaitlin where, unbeknownst to them, a murderous cult of children are waiting ...

The Car (1977) 6.1

The Car (1977)

Movie The Car (1977) A mysterious black, sleek automobile terrorizes everyone it comes into contact with in a small town in Utah. The local sheriff may be the only person who can stop this menace which has been posses...

Dværgen (1973) 4.6

Dværgen (1973)

Movie Dværgen (1973) Olaf and his mother run a boarding house and a white slavery ring. They also smuggle heroin to keep the addict girls happy so they do not try and escape. A young couple move into the house ... ...

Playing with Dolls: Bloodlust (2016) 2.4

Playing with Dolls: Bloodlust (2016)

Movie Playing with Dolls: Bloodlust (2016) Stina a single mother has fallen on hard times. When she has hit rock bottom she is offered a job on a reality horror show, with the promise of a million dollars to the winne...

What Have You Done to Solange? (1972) 7.1

What Have You Done to Solange? (1972)

Movie What Have You Done to Solange? (1972) In London, the Italian gym teacher Enrico 'Henry' Rosseni is having a love affair with his eighteen year-old student Elizabeth Seccles, who is the daughter of the owner of t...

Death Bed: The Bed That Eats (1977) 4.4

Death Bed: The Bed That Eats (1977)

Movie Death Bed: The Bed That Eats (1977) A bed possessed by a demon spirit consumes its users alive.

Mosquito (1994) 4.6

Mosquito (1994)

Movie Mosquito (1994) A violent massacre caused by human-sized mosquitoes forces the lone survivors to band together in a fight for survival as the mosquitoes continue their onslaught.

Followed Home (2010) 2.6

Followed Home (2010)

Movie Followed Home (2010) A group of friends head out for a mountain retreat only to witness a gruesome murder at a near by cabin. They head home wanting to forget the experience... but are followed home by the murder.

The Dead (2010) 5.8

The Dead (2010)

Movie The Dead (2010) An American mercenary, the sole survivor of a plane crash, has to run the gauntlet across Africa, battling with the living dead.