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Punishment Park (1971)

Punishment Park (1971)

Released: 1971
Genre: Drama, Movie, Thriller
Director: Peter Watkins
Starring: , Patrick Boland, Kent Foreman, Carmen Argenziano,
Run time: 91 min
IMDb: 7.9/10
Country: USA


Watch Punishment Park (1971) full hd online Directed by Peter Watkins. With Patrick Boland, Kent Foreman, Carmen Argenziano, Luke Johnson. "Punishment Park" is a pseudo-documentary purporting to be a film crews’s news coverage of the team of soldiers escorting a group of hippies, draft dodgers, and anti-establishment types across the desert in a type of capture the flag game. The soldiers vow not to interfere with the rebels’ progress and merely shepherd them along to their destination. At that point, having obtained their goal, …