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The Lone Road (2016)

The Lone Road (2016)

Released: 2016
Genre: Action, Horror, Movie, Thriller
Director: Christopher Krueger
Starring: Jeffrey Kaye, Alexis Moeller, Denise Woelpern,,
Run time: 84 min
IMDb: 5.3/10
Country: USA


Watch The Lone Road (2016) full hd online Directed by Christopher Krueger. With Denise Woelpern, Alexis Moeller, Jeffrey Kaye, Teri Marlowe. "The Lone Road" is a suspense thriller in the vein of "Witness" and "Breakdown". It’s the story of a young woman, Elizabeth, who after a couple of personal set backs, takes a mind-cleansing road trip, eventually coming to a remote town where she witnesses a brutal murder by a prominent citizen with a sinister secret. Trapped in the small town, she is pursued by a bunch of crazed killers with the …