Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious (2006) 7.3

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious (2006)

Watch Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious (2006) full hd online Kazakh TV talking head Borat is dispatched to the United States to report on the greatest country in the world. With a docume...

Let Me In (2010) 7.1

Let Me In (2010)

Watch Let Me In (2010) full hd online A bullied young boy befriends a young female vampire who lives in secrecy with her guardian.

Demolition Man (1993) 6.6

Demolition Man (1993)

Watch Demolition Man (1993) full hd online A police officer is brought out of suspended animation in prison to pursue an old ultra-violent nemesis who is loose in a non-violent future society.

The Dead Pool (1988) 6.3

The Dead Pool (1988)

Watch The Dead Pool (1988) full hd online Dirty Harry Callahan must stop a sick secret contest to murder local celebrities, which includes himself as a target.

All-Star Superman (2011) 7.0

All-Star Superman (2011)

Watch All-Star Superman (2011) full hd online After being poisoned by sun radiation, a dying Superman decides to fulfill his lifelong dreams while Lex Luthor has his own agenda.

Doctor Dolittle (1998) 5.3

Doctor Dolittle (1998)

Watch Doctor Dolittle (1998) full hd online A doctor discovers that he can communicate with animals.

Evidence (2012) 5.1

Evidence (2012)

Watch Evidence (2012) full hd online Ryan makes a documentary on his friend, Brett, and his first time camping, until a mysterious figure in the woods starts hunting them.

O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000) 7.8

O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000)

Watch O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000) full hd online In the deep south during the 1930s, three escaped convicts search for hidden treasure while a relentless lawman pursues them.

Employee of the Month (2006) 5.5

Employee of the Month (2006)

Watch Employee of the Month (2006) full hd online A slacker competes with a repeat winner for the "Employee of the Month" title at work, in order to gain the affections of a new female employee.

Bernie (2011) 6.8

Bernie (2011)

Watch Bernie (2011) full hd online In small-town Texas, an affable mortician strikes up a friendship with a wealthy widow, though when she starts to become controlling, he goes to great lengths to separate himself fr...

Blindness (2008) 6.6

Blindness (2008)

Watch Blindness (2008) full hd online A city is ravaged by an epidemic of instant white blindness.

Beverly Hills Cop (1984) 7.3

Beverly Hills Cop (1984)

Watch Beverly Hills Cop (1984) full hd online A freewheeling Detroit cop pursuing a murder investigation finds himself dealing with the very different culture of Beverly Hills.

Land of the Lost (2009) 5.4

Land of the Lost (2009)

Watch Land of the Lost (2009) full hd online On his latest expedition, Dr. Rick Marshall is sucked into a space-time vortex alongside his research assistant and a redneck survivalist. In this alternate universe, the ...

Apollo 13 (1995) 7.6

Apollo 13 (1995)

Watch Apollo 13 (1995) full hd online NASA must devise a strategy to return Apollo 13 to Earth safely after the spacecraft undergoes massive internal damage putting the lives of the three astronauts on board in jeopa...

Stonados (2013) 3.1

Stonados (2013)

Watch Stonados (2013) full hd online When a tornado appears in the waters south of Boston, former storm chaser Joe Randall is intrigued by the unusual weather. But as twisters begin to strike across the Boston shorel...

Justice League: Doom (2012) 7.5

Justice League: Doom (2012)

Watch Justice League: Doom (2012) full hd online Vandal Savage steals confidential files Batman has compiled on the members of the Justice League, and learns all their weaknesses.

Seven Pounds (2008) 7.6

Seven Pounds (2008)

Watch Seven Pounds (2008) full hd online A man with a fateful secret embarks on an extraordinary journey of redemption by forever changing the lives of seven strangers.

Barricade (2012) 4.5

Barricade (2012)

Watch Barricade (2012) full hd online A father's quiet retreat to the woods with his two children turns into a fight for survival.

The House of Seven Corpses (1974) 4.0

The House of Seven Corpses (1974)

Watch The House of Seven Corpses (1974) full hd online A director is filming on location in a house where seven murders were committed. The caretaker warns them not to mess with things they do not understand (the mur...

Shoot ‘Em Up (2007) 6.7

Shoot ‘Em Up (2007)

Watch Shoot 'Em Up (2007) full hd online A man named Mr. Smith delivers a woman's baby during a shootout, and is then called upon to protect the newborn from the army of gunmen.

The Five-Year Engagement (2012) 6.2

The Five-Year Engagement (2012)

Watch The Five-Year Engagement (2012) full hd online One year after meeting, Tom proposes to his girlfriend, Violet, but unexpected events keep tripping them up as they look to walk down the aisle together.

Taxi (2004) 4.4

Taxi (2004)

Watch Taxi (2004) full hd online A mouthy and feisty taxicab driver has hot tips for a green and inept cop set on solving a string of New York City bank robberies committed by a quartet of female Brazilian bank robbers.

Mirrors (2008) 6.2

Mirrors (2008)

Watch Mirrors (2008) full hd online An ex-cop and his family are the target of an evil force that is using mirrors as a gateway into their home.

Green Lantern: Emerald Knights (2011) 6.8

Green Lantern: Emerald Knights (2011)

Watch Green Lantern: Emerald Knights (2011) full hd online As the home planet of the Green Lantern Corps faces a battle with an ancient enemy, Hal Jordan prepares new recruit Arisia for the coming conflict by relatin...

Man on the Moon (1999) 7.4

Man on the Moon (1999)

Watch Man on the Moon (1999) full hd online The life and career of a legendary comedian, Andy Kaufman.

The Rock (1996) 7.4

The Rock (1996)

Watch The Rock (1996) full hd online A mild-mannered chemist and an ex-con must lead the counterstrike when a rogue group of military men, led by a renegade general, threaten a nerve gas attack from Alcatraz against ...

AVP: Alien vs. Predator (2004) 5.6

AVP: Alien vs. Predator (2004)

Watch AVP: Alien vs. Predator (2004) full hd online During an archaeological expedition on Bouvetøya Island in Antarctica, a team of archaeologists and other scientists find themselves caught up in a battle between t...

The One (2001) 5.9

The One (2001)

Watch The One (2001) full hd online A rogue Multiverse agent goes on a manhunt for versions of himself, getting stronger with each kill. With only one version remaining, he races against the clock to finish him and b...

Super Troopers (2001) 7.1

Super Troopers (2001)

Watch Super Troopers (2001) full hd online Five Vermont state troopers, avid pranksters with a knack for screwing up, try to save their jobs and out-do the local police department by solving a crime.

Katy Perry: Part of Me (2012) 5.9

Katy Perry: Part of Me (2012)

Watch Katy Perry: Part of Me (2012) full hd online A look at the life, career and music of singer Katy Perry as we follow her on the California Dreams World Tour.

17 Again (2009) 6.4

17 Again (2009)

Watch 17 Again (2009) full hd online Mike O'Donnell is ungrateful for how his life turned out. He gets a chance to rewrite his life when he tried to save a janitor near a bridge and jumped after him into a time vortex.

Forced to Fight (2011) 4.5

Forced to Fight (2011)

Watch Forced to Fight (2011) full hd online Blackmailed back into the arena by a ruthless crime boss, a former underground fighting legend must survive a gauntlet of savage matches where losing just one fight... mean...

Transporter 3 (2008) 6.1

Transporter 3 (2008)

Watch Transporter 3 (2008) full hd online Frank Martin puts the driving gloves on to deliver Valentina, the kidnapped daughter of a Ukranian government official, from Marseilles to Odessa on the Black Sea. En route, ...

Red Riding: The Year of Our Lord 1974 (2009) 7.1

Red Riding: The Year of Our Lord 1974 (2009)

Watch Red Riding: The Year of Our Lord 1974 (2009) full hd online A rookie Yorkshire journalist sets out to solve the case of a child murderer.

The Bank Job (2008) 7.3

The Bank Job (2008)

Watch The Bank Job (2008) full hd online Martine offers Terry a lead on a foolproof bank hit on London's Baker Street. She targets a roomful of safe deposit boxes worth millions in cash and jewelry. But Terry and his...

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (2009) 5.8

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (2009)

Watch Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (2009) full hd online While attending his brother's wedding, a serial womanizer is haunted by the ghosts of his past girlfriends.