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Derren Brown: Sacrifice (2018) 7.1

Derren Brown: Sacrifice (2018)

Illusionist Derren Brown concocts a psychological experiment in which he tries to manipulate an ordinary person into taking a bullet for a stranger

The 71st Primetime Emmy Awards (2019) 5.9

The 71st Primetime Emmy Awards (2019)

From the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, some of the most recognized names in television come together in anticipation to see if they will be selected as one among of the special few to receive one of entertainment'...

Temptation Island (TV Series 2019– ) 6.1

Temptation Island (TV Series 2019– )

Couples travel to a tropical paradise where they are forced to decide if they're ready to commit to one another for the rest of their lives. A reboot of the 2001 reality series.User ReviewsThe idea seems fairly well, ...

Haunted (TV Series 2018– ) 4.5

Haunted (TV Series 2018– )

A chilling glimpse into the first-person accounts from people who have witnessed horrifying, peculiar, extraordinary supernatural events and other unexplained phenomenons that continue to haunt them.User ReviewsThis s...

Love Island (TV Series 2019– ) 5.1

Love Island (TV Series 2019– )

U.S. version of the British show 'Love Island' where a group of singles come to stay in a villa for a few weeks and have to couple up with one another. Over the course of those weeks, they face a public vote and might...

The World’s Best (TV Series 2019– ) 4

The World’s Best (TV Series 2019– )

The World's Best, which had been in the works for awhile, is described as a first-of-its-kind global talent competition that features acts from every genre imaginable, from every corner of the planet. They not only ha...

The Titan Games (TV Series 2019– ) 6.9

The Titan Games (TV Series 2019– )

Dwayne Johnson presents and stars in "The Titan Games," a groundbreaking new athletic competition based on Dwayne's belief that within each and every one of us is the potential for greatness.User ReviewsSomeone get th...

Celebrity Big Brother (TV Series 2018– ) 5.6

Celebrity Big Brother (TV Series 2018– )

Celebrities compete in the classic game of Big Brother.User ReviewsWhat a joke this season of BB is, CBS brings in a house guest who continuously bashes Trump and expound CBS political views. It's bad enough when you ...

The Masked Singer (TV Series 2019– ) 6.4

The Masked Singer (TV Series 2019– )

The Masked Singer is a singing competition guessing game based on the Korean format King of Mask Singer. The performers are celebrities wearing elaborate head to toe costumes to conceal their identities from the host,...

The Platinum Life (TV Series 2017) 6.2

The Platinum Life (TV Series 2017)

This is a reality tv show about the wives of famous musicians.User Reviews

Naked Snctm (TV Series 2017– ) 5.7

Naked Snctm (TV Series 2017– )

Enter the world of Damon Lawner creator of SNCTM. SNCTM is not only an exclusive club, it's an experience where you can live out your wildest fantasies and feel free to explore your true sexual self. SNCTM is an exclu...

Dare to Live (TV Series 2017– ) 8.4

Dare to Live (TV Series 2017– )

Dare To Live' encapsulates this spirit of adventure, as Rory Kramer takes his artist friends (Justin Bieber, Steve Aoki, Iggy Azalea, The Chainsmokers and More) to the farthest reaches of their comfort zones and acros...

Signed (TV Series 2017– ) 7

Signed (TV Series 2017– )

Three music moguls are on the pursuit for new artist(s) for their record labels. Unsigned Hip-Hop and R&B artists will travel to Atlanta for the audition of a lifetime, all in the hopes of getting SIGNED.User Reviews

The Lowe Files (TV Series 2017– ) 6.8

The Lowe Files (TV Series 2017– )

"The Lowe Files" follows Rob Lowe and his two sons as they travel through the country to explore infamous unsolved mysteries, a curiosity that Rob has had since his early childhood days and has now been passed down to...

Siesta Key (TV Series 2017– ) 4.7

Siesta Key (TV Series 2017– )

Follows a group of young adults confronting issues of love, heartbreak, betrayal, and looming adulthood as they spend the summer together. Nothing is off limits while they come of age, figuring out who they are and wh...

Boy Band (TV Series 2017– ) 5.1

Boy Band (TV Series 2017– )

"Boy Band" is a new Reality Tv competition to find the next big boy band like "The Beatles", "Big Time Rush" and "One Direction".User ReviewsThe singing is bad, the boys personalities are all the same and they are all...

American Pickers: Best Of (TV Series 2017– ) 7.4

American Pickers: Best Of (TV Series 2017– )

American Pickers: Best of.User ReviewsAP:Best of is the continuation of the highly sucessful American pickers franchise, as always the production value, cinematography, ost and the acting is brilliant. As such it is w...

Devil’s Canyon (TV Series 2017– ) 7

Devil’s Canyon (TV Series 2017– )

Extreme prospectors Boyce Goff, Ben van der Valk and John Belcik travel separately into the areas of Devil's Canyon that are far beyond the reach of big mining companies, in search of the next big pay streak. No roads...

Second Wives Club (TV Series 2017– ) 7.1

Second Wives Club (TV Series 2017– )

In Hollywood, second wives are often painted as opportunistic women who swoop in to take advantage of everything their successful husbands have to offer. The eight-episode, hour-long docu-series follows six women who ...

Speed Is the New Black (TV Series 2017– ) 6.7

Speed Is the New Black (TV Series 2017– )

Noah Alexander and his team build and restore cars at Classic Car Studio in St. Louis, Missouri.User ReviewsI really enjoy the the show. My issue is episode 7 that featured a 1955 Ford pickup that was described in the...

The F Word (TV Series 2017– ) 5

The F Word (TV Series 2017– )

World-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay judges families from across the country as they compete live in a high-stakes cook off.User ReviewsI've enjoyed many of Ramsay's shows over the years. He's one of the few celebrity ch...

A Night With My Ex (TV Series 2017– ) 5.7

A Night With My Ex (TV Series 2017– )

Two exes spend a night with each other in a lavish apartment to rekindle their relationship or tear it apart.User ReviewsIf you could spend one more night with your ex, would you? Would you want a chance to reconnect?...

Undressed (TV Series 2017) 5.3

Undressed (TV Series 2017)

Strangers undress each other while answering questions and performing simple challenges in this dating experiment, which test whether romance can blossom before they get to know each other. They undress to remove any ...

JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald (TV Series 2017– ) 4.8

JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald (TV Series 2017– )

More than two million declassified government files offer new evidence about Lee Harvey Oswald's activities in the weeks, months and years before the assassination of President John F. Kennedy with the last remaining ...

Life of Kylie (TV Series 2017) 3.5

Life of Kylie (TV Series 2017)

An inside look at the professional and personal life of Kylie Jenner.User ReviewsIdiocracy at it´s finest. Another plastic, brainless, shallow virus is spreading upon young part of society. A half of young teenage zom...

Growing Up Supermodel (TV Series 2017– ) 5.5

Growing Up Supermodel (TV Series 2017– )

Follows a group of models risking it all to live up to the careers of their famous parents and finding out that having a famous name is a double-edged sword, creating expectations and burdens at the same time it gener...

Detroit Steel (TV Series 2017– ) 8.3

Detroit Steel (TV Series 2017– )

The Motor City, once the Mecca of American auto manufacturing, is making a comeback and classic car builder Adam Genei's leading the charge. Born and bred in Detroit, Adam and his team at Mobsteel turn worn out, rundo...

My Crazy Sex (TV Series 2016– ) 5.6

My Crazy Sex (TV Series 2016– )

Real life people tell their most outrageous and scandalous sex stories which are reenacted with actors.User ReviewsShow has nothing to do with SEX. Its mostly women explaining their so called exciting sex encounter ju...

WAGS Miami (TV Series 2016–2017) 6

WAGS Miami (TV Series 2016–2017)

The girls have different problems witj their boyfriends , and they are helping each other , but the group is not perfectUser Reviews