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Les chiens chauds (1980) 4.6

Les chiens chauds (1980)

Watch Les chiens chauds (1980) full hd online Directed by Claude Fournier. With Harry Reems, Nicole Morin, Geoffrey Bowes, Daniel Pilon. Mr. Clean is an exemplary policeman in charge of the brigade of manners. Until...

Yuan fu kuang wa feng sha shou (1980) 5

Yuan fu kuang wa feng sha shou (1980)

Watch Yuan fu kuang wa feng sha shou (1980) full hd online Directed by Chi Lu. With Ti Ai, Dai Ling, Ching Tang, Susan Yam-Yam Shaw.

The American Success Company (1980) 5.7

The American Success Company (1980)

Watch The American Success Company (1980) full hd online Directed by William Richert. With Jeff Bridges, Belinda Bauer, Ned Beatty, Steven Keats. A husband is humiliated at home and at work. He decides he has had en...

Boiling Point (1980) 5.5

Boiling Point (1980)

Watch Boiling Point (1980) full hd online Directed by Paul Levis. With Phaedra Grant, Eileen Welles, Lisa Sue Corey, Paula Brown. A man flees the scene of his own crime, but ends up hiding out in the house of the co...

To All a Goodnight (1980) 4.8

To All a Goodnight (1980)

Watch To All a Goodnight (1980) full hd online Directed by David Hess. With Jennifer Runyon, Forrest Swanson, Linda Gentile, William Lauer. A group of teenagers at a party find themselves being stalked by a maniacal...

Terror on Tour (1980) 4

Terror on Tour (1980)

Watch Terror on Tour (1980) full hd online Directed by Don Edmonds. With Rick Styles, Chip Greenman, Rich Pemberton, Dave Galluzzo. A rock band called "The Clowns" comes under suspicion of murder when seve...

Pray TV (1980) 5.2

Pray TV (1980)

Watch Pray TV (1980) full hd online Directed by Rick Friedberg. With Dabney Coleman, Paul Cooper, Rosemary Alexander, Lewis Arquette. A failing television station is bought out by a slick TV evangelist and starts ma...

One Trick Pony (1980) 5.9

One Trick Pony (1980)

Watch One Trick Pony (1980) full hd online Directed by Robert M. Young. With Paul Simon, Blair Brown, Rip Torn, Joan Hackett. Jonah (Paul Simon) is an aging rock star trying to put together a new album in the face o...

Effects (1980) 5.6

Effects (1980)

Watch Effects (1980) full hd online Directed by Dusty Nelson. With Joseph Pilato, Susan Chapek, John Harrison, Bernard McKenna. Some crew members of a company shooting a horror film begin to suspect that the "killing...

Fiend (1980) 4.3

Fiend (1980)

Watch Fiend (1980) full hd online Directed by Don Dohler. With Don Leifert, Richard Nelson, Elaine White, George Stover. This low budget feature from Baltimore filmmaker Don Dohler opens with a spirit entering into ...

Bloodrage (1980) 5

Bloodrage (1980)

Watch Bloodrage (1980) full hd online Directed by Joseph Zito. With James Johnson, Judith-Marie Bergan, Jerry McGee, Ian Scott. A sexually frustrated young man kills hookers.

Gorp (1980) 3.7

Gorp (1980)

Watch Gorp (1980) full hd online Directed by Joseph Ruben. With Michael Lembeck, Dennis Quaid, Philip Casnoff, Fran Drescher. A slapstick comedy about the wacky antics of a group of waiters at a Jewish summer camp i...

Cuentos erticos (1980) 4

Cuentos erticos (1980)

Watch Cuentos erticos (1980) full hd online Directed by Enrique Bras, Jaime Chvarri, Emma Cohen. With Joaqun Hinojosa, Cristina Snchez Pascual, Alicia Hermida, Luis Politti. A set of nine stories whose central theme...

For the Love of It (TV Movie 1980) 4.5

For the Love of It (TV Movie 1980)

Watch For the Love of It (TV Movie 1980) full hd online Directed by Hal Kanter. With Deborah Raffin, Jeff Conaway, Barbi Benton, Tom Bosley. An entrepreneur discovers a plan the Russians have for taking over the Mid...

Wholly Moses! (1980) 4.3

Wholly Moses! (1980)

Watch Wholly Moses! (1980) full hd online Directed by Gary Weis. With Dudley Moore, Laraine Newman, James Coco, Paul Sand. Harvey and Zoey, two tourists travelling through Israel, discover an ancient scroll describi...

The Apple (1980) 4.3

The Apple (1980)

Watch The Apple (1980) full hd online Directed by Menahem Golan. With Catherine Mary Stewart, George Gilmour, Grace Kennedy, Allan Love. In 1994, a young couple enters the world of the music industry, and subsequent...

La zia di Monica (1980) 4.2

La zia di Monica (1980)

Watch La zia di Monica (1980) full hd online Directed by Giorgio Mille. With Karin Well, Magda Konopka, Gianni Dei, Umberto Raho. Monica is a happy, young and above all awake high school student: she knows what she ...

Eros Hotel (1980) 4.2

Eros Hotel (1980)

Watch Eros Hotel (1980) full hd online Directed by Sergio Bergonzelli. With Violeta Cela, Vanessa Hidalgo, Daniela Duque, Guia Lauri Filzi.

Bare Behind Bars (1980) 4.3

Bare Behind Bars (1980)

Watch Bare Behind Bars (1980) full hd online Directed by Oswaldo de Oliveira. With Maria Stella Splendore, Neide Ribeiro, Mrcia Fraga, Danielle Ferrite. In a prison, women rebel against the guards' sadism and sexual...

Island Claws (1980) 4.3

Island Claws (1980)

Watch Island Claws (1980) full hd online Directed by Hernan Cardenas. With Robert Lansing, Steve Hanks, Nita Talbot, Jo McDonnell. A biological experiment in Florida goes awry. The result: 8-foot long land crabs whi...

Nothing Personal (1980) 4.6

Nothing Personal (1980)

Watch Nothing Personal (1980) full hd online Directed by George Bloomfield. With Donald Sutherland, Suzanne Somers, Lawrence Dane, Roscoe Lee Browne. Suzanne Somers, an environmentally concerned lawyer, was hired by...

The Boogey Man (1980) 4.5

The Boogey Man (1980)

Watch The Boogey Man (1980) full hd online Directed by Ulli Lommel. With Suzanna Love, John Carradine, Ron James, Nicholas Love. Through the reflection in the mirror, a girl witnesses her mother's boyfriend's murder.

Witches’ Brew (1980) 4.3

Witches’ Brew (1980)

Watch Witches' Brew (1980) full hd online Directed by Richard Shorr, Herbert L. Strock. With Teri Garr, Richard Benjamin, Lana Turner, James Winkler. A remake of 1944's Lon Chaney film Weird Woman (the first was Bur...

Can’t Stop the Music (1980) 4.5

Can’t Stop the Music (1980)

Watch Can't Stop the Music (1980) full hd online Directed by Nancy Walker. With Ray Simpson, David Hodo, Felipe Rose, Randy Jones. A pseudo autobiography of disco's The Village People.

Up the Academy (1980) 4.7

Up the Academy (1980)

Watch Up the Academy (1980) full hd online Directed by Robert Downey Sr.. With Ron Leibman, Wendell Brown, Ralph Macchio, Tommy Citera. This puber-comedy is a kind of mixture between "Animal House" and &qu...

New Year’s Evil (1980) 4.8

New Year’s Evil (1980)

Watch New Year's Evil (1980) full hd online Directed by Emmett Alston. With Roz Kelly, Kip Niven, Chris Wallace, Grant Cramer. During a New Year's Eve celebration, a Los Angeles disc jockey receives a phone call say...

Emanuelle: Queen Bitch (1980) 4.6

Emanuelle: Queen Bitch (1980)

Watch Emanuelle: Queen Bitch (1980) full hd online Directed by Ilias Mylonakos. With Laura Gemser, Gabriele Tinti, Livia Russo, Haris Tryfonas. A woman struggles to keep her stepdaughter from harms way after she hir...

Hotel Paradise (1980) 4.6

Hotel Paradise (1980)

Watch Hotel Paradise (1980) full hd online Directed by Edoardo Mulargia. With Anthony Steffen, Ajita Wilson, Cristina Lay, Stelio Candelli. Girls kept prisoner under appalling conditions to dig emeralds for an evil ...

Les contes de La Fontaine (1980) 4.9

Les contes de La Fontaine (1980)

Watch Les contes de La Fontaine (1980) full hd online Directed by Jos Bnazraf. With Paul Bisciglia, Julie Arnold, Magali Llorca, Sylvie Schmidt.

Don’t Answer the Phone! (1980) 4.9

Don’t Answer the Phone! (1980)

Watch Don't Answer the Phone! (1980) full hd online Directed by Robert Hammer. With James Westmoreland, Ben Frank, Flo Lawrence, Nicholas Worth. A deeply disturbed Vietnam veteran terrorizes the young women of Los A...

Mrame con ojos pornogrficos (1980) 4.4

Mrame con ojos pornogrficos (1980)

Watch Mrame con ojos pornogrficos (1980) full hd online Directed by Luis Mara Delgado. With Andrs Garca, Amparo Muoz, Anglica Chain, Anas de Melo. A pharmaceutical salesman travels around the country and has sexual ...

Hardly Working (1980) 4.8

Hardly Working (1980)

Watch Hardly Working (1980) full hd online Directed by Jerry Lewis. With Jerry Lewis, Susan Oliver, Roger C. Carmel, Deanna Lund. In Jerry Lewis's first film in a decade, he plays Bo Hooper, an unemployed circus clo...

Caged Women (1980) 4.7

Caged Women (1980)

Watch Caged Women (1980) full hd online Directed by Erwin C. Dietrich. With Karine Gambier, Brigitte Lahaie, Nadine Pascal, France Lomay. A bunch of delinquent women are shipped to an island prison run by the sadist...

The Awakening (1980) 4.8

The Awakening (1980)

Watch The Awakening (1980) full hd online Directed by Mike Newell. With Charlton Heston, Susannah York, Jill Townsend, Stephanie Zimbalist. An archeologist discovers his daughter is possessed by the spirit of an Egy...

La compagna di viaggio (1980) 4.9

La compagna di viaggio (1980)

Watch La compagna di viaggio (1980) full hd online Directed by Ferdinando Baldi. With Anna Maria Rizzoli, Giorgio Bracardi, Raf Luca, Annie Belle. An Italian Baron, helped by aspiring actress, organizes a robbery on...

Death Games (1980) 5

Death Games (1980)

Watch Death Games (1980) full hd online Directed by Ross Dimsey. With Lou Brown, David Clendenning, Jennifer Cluff, Narelle Johnson. A reporter and his girlfriend follow around a famous actor/entrepreneur and discov...