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Demons of the Mind (1972) 5.5

Demons of the Mind (1972)

Baron Zorn (Robert Hardy) keeps his teenaged children locked up and drugged, fearing that his insane wife passed along a congenital curse to them before her own suicidal death. Elizabeth (Gillian Hills) escapes for a ...

The Girl in Black Stockings (1957) 5.5

The Girl in Black Stockings (1957)

Near a small Utah town, visiting lawyer David Hewson finds the slashed body of party girl Marcia Morgan, his fellow tenant at Parry Lodge. Sheriff Jess Holmes considers everyone at the motel a suspect, even owner Edmu...

Last Shift (2014) 5.8

Last Shift (2014)

From director Anthony DiBlasi comes a Manson inspired horror film centering around a transitioning police station. Officer Jessica Loren has been assigned to wait for a Hazmat team to pick up bio-hazardous waste from ...

Rock ‘n’ Roll High School (1979) 6.7

Rock ‘n’ Roll High School (1979)

Vince Lombardi High School keeps losing principals to nervous breakdowns because of the students' love of rock 'n' roll and their disregard of education. The putative leader of the students is Riff Randell, who loves ...

Webcast (2018) 5.7

Webcast (2018)

Stranded in the suburbs, student filmmaker Chloe begins to make a documentary about her family's troubled past. Whilst filming, she and best friend Ed, witness an hysterical girl appearing to escape from a neighbour's...

The Veil (2016) 4.7

The Veil (2016)

Twenty-five years after members of a religious cult committed mass suicide, the lone survivor returns to the scene of the tragedy with a documentary crew in tow.

Train (2008) 4.7

Train (2008)

In Europe, a group of American college athletes unknowingly board a train that will become one deadly ride.

The Fly (1958) 7.1

The Fly (1958)

After her husband Andre Delambre is crushed to death in a mechanical press, his wife recounts to his brother Francois Delambre and police Inspector Charas the events of the previous few months. They were very much in ...

A Game of Death (1945) 5.8

A Game of Death (1945)

A remake of Richard Connell's famous short story, "The Most Dangerous Game," about a madman who hunts human prey on his personal island habitat.

The Questor Tapes (TV Movie 1974) 6.9

The Questor Tapes (TV Movie 1974)

Project Questor is the brainchild of the genius Dr. Vaslovik, who developed plans to build an android super-human. Although he has disappeared and half of the programming tape was erased in the attempt to decode it, h...

Cobra (1986) 5.8

Cobra (1986)

As crime runs rampant in the United States, the hard-as-nails LAPD Lieutenant, Marion "Cobra" Cobretti, is the only cure for the crime-infested urban jungle of Los Angeles. In the meantime, a string of seemingly uncon...

Prisoners of the Sun (2013) 3.7

Prisoners of the Sun (2013)

A young American archaeological apprentice (Charvet) is drawn into a perilous expedition deep beneath the timeless sands of Egypt. Escaping death traps and ancient monsters, the expedition discovers a secret older tha...

Voyage to the End of the Universe (1963) 7

Voyage to the End of the Universe (1963)

A giant spaceship carrying colonists to a new planet runs into unexpected troubles on its journey, ranging from encounters with abandoned alien craft to malfunctioning onboard computers and tensions among its crew and...

Terror Trap (2010) 3.6

Terror Trap (2010)

While driving at night on a lonely road, the car of estranged couple Don and Nancy is hit twice by another car in the middle of nowhere. Nancy asks for help and unpleasant sheriff Cleveland offers to take them to the ...

Wrath of Daimajin (1966) 6.2

Wrath of Daimajin (1966)

An evil warlord invades a peaceful lakeside village during one of their annual festivals. In the course of burning down buildings, executing helpless civilians and generally looting and pillaging, the warlord's men bl...

Lured (1947) 7

Lured (1947)

A serial killer in London is murdering young women he meets through the personal columns of newspapers. He announces each of his murders to the police by sending them a cryptic poem. After a dancer disappears, the pol...

Trancers II (1991) 5.4

Trancers II (1991)

It is Los Angeles, 1991. Jack Deth has become accustomed to life with his new wife, Lena, in the six years since they singed Whistler. Hap Ashby, a former pitcher for the California Angels, had gotten his life out of ...

Privilege (1967) 6.9

Privilege (1967)

Steven Shorter is the ultimate British music star. His music is listened to by everyone from pre-teens to grandparents. He has no trace of public bad habits or drug involvement. Everyone in Britain loves him. His hand...

Rats: Night of Terror (1984) 4.7

Rats: Night of Terror (1984)

One hundred years after a nuclear war has devastated the planet, society has been reborn into two factions; the underground society and the scavangers above in the wastelands. A group of scavangers on bikes come acros...

Erik the Conqueror (1961) 6.2

Erik the Conqueror (1961)

In the 9th Century, two Viking children, separated since their early childhood with one raised by the British and the other by Vikings, meet after nearly 20 years as rivals as war breaks out between Britian and the Vi...

Elvis (TV Movie 1979) 7

Elvis (TV Movie 1979)

Biographical movie about the famous rock singer Elvis Presley.

The Godsend (1980) 5.3

The Godsend (1980)

An English family of six takes in a pregnant woman who disappears shortly after giving birth. They raise the baby girl as their own, but over the years the strange deaths of their children make them consider whether t...

DeepStar Six (1989) 5.3

DeepStar Six (1989)

The crew of an experimental underwater nuclear base are forced to struggle for their lives when their explorations disturb a creature who threatens to destroy their base. Written by Keith Loh <[email protected]

The Scarlet Claw (1944) 7.3

The Scarlet Claw (1944)

While attending a conference in Quebec City, Sherlock Holmes and his good friend, Dr. Watson, are drawn into a murder investigation in the nearby village of La Mort Rouge. Holmes had received a letter from Lady Penros...

The Bride (1973) 5.4

The Bride (1973)

The neurotic and newlywed Barbara (Robin Strasser) finds her husband (Arthur Roberts) in bed with his old flame Eva (Iva Jean Saraceni). Robin doesn't get mad-she gets even. Using funds supplied by her wealthy daddy J...

Beautiful Creatures (2013) 6.1

Beautiful Creatures (2013)

Teenager Ethan Wate is obsessed with his urge to finish high school and go on to college in order to leave the small town of Gatlin, South Carolina behind, until a mysterious girl begins to inhabit his dreams. When he...

Saturday the 14th (1981) 4.7

Saturday the 14th (1981)

Primarily a spoof of the Friday the 13th series, but also takes shots at several other horror films. After his family moves to a new house, a young boy discovers a mysterious book describing the curse hanging over the...

Moontrap: Target Earth (2017) 5

Moontrap: Target Earth (2017)

A long forgotten ancient spacecraft discovered on Earth. Investigations carried out by Scout transport her to the moon whereupon she meets the impressive machines preserving the wisdom of that long lost civilization.

Alien Invasion (2018) 2.8

Alien Invasion (2018)

Sara travels to the hot spot in which supposedly one of the most extraordinary contact episodes with extraterrestrials in history took place. The forest ranger and a sinister villager, accompany her, helping her to ov...

A Knife for the Ladies (1974) 4.3

A Knife for the Ladies (1974)

A mutilating knife wielding killer haunts the small Southwest desert town of Mescal. Though most victims have been prostitutes, the first was Travis Mescal, the only son of the town's first family. When the Sheriff pr...