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Drifting Clouds (1996) 7.7

Drifting Clouds (1996)

Tram driver Lauri loses his job. Shortly later, the restaurant where his wife Ilona works as a head waitress is closed. Too proud to receive money from the social welfare system, they strive to find new jobs. But they...

100 Yen Love (2014) 7.2

100 Yen Love (2014)

32-year-old Ichiko (Sakura Ando) lives at home with her parents, passing the days in self-indulgent grunginess. Ichiko's recently divorced younger sister Fumiko has moved back home with her young son. One day, after a...

Carrie (1952) 7.3

Carrie (1952)

Carrie boards the train to Chicago with big ambitions. She gets a job stitching shoes and her sister's husband takes almost all of her pay for room and board. Then she injures a finger and is fired. This is the 1890s....

Somebody Killed Her Husband (1978) 4.9

Somebody Killed Her Husband (1978)

A woman's husband is murdered and she and her lover must find the killer or stand accused of doing it themselves.

Roundabout American (2012) 4.4

Roundabout American (2012)

A young French chef with a fondness for America and a life in shambles pushes the limits of the American Dream by converting a Chicago pizza shop into an escort-service for the super-rich with the help of a suburban s...

Ramen Shop (2018) 6.8

Ramen Shop (2018)

A young man who is curious about his deceased parents' past takes a food journey to Singapore where he uncovers more than just delicious meals.

Sweetbitter (TV Series 2018– ) 7

Sweetbitter (TV Series 2018– )

Sweetbitter follows 22-year-old Tess who, shortly after arriving in New York City, lands a job at a celebrated downtown restaurant. Swiftly introduced to the world of drugs, alcohol, love, lust, dive bars, and fine di...

Bob’s Burgers (TV Series 2011– ) 8.1

Bob’s Burgers (TV Series 2011– )

Bob's Burgers centers on the Belcher family (consists of Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene and Louise) who own a hamburger restaurant. Bob's burgers are really delicious and appear to be better than his rivals' but when it comes...

Hell’s Kitchen (TV Series 2005– ) 7

Hell’s Kitchen (TV Series 2005– )

World renowned chef Gordon Ramsay puts aspiring young chefs through rigorous cooking challenges and dinner services at his restaurant in Hollywood, "Hell's Kitchen", to determine which one of them will win the head ch...