The Jungle Book (1994)

The Jungle Book (1994)

Genre: adventure, family, Genre, romance
Director: Stephen Sommers
Starring: Lena Headey, Cary Elwes, Jason Scott Lee, ,
Run time: 111 min
IMDb: 6/10
Country: USA
Released: 1994
Views: 1758


An adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s classic tale of Mowgli the jungle boy who is raised by wolves after being lost when a tiger attacked an encampment and killed his father. Years later he finds himself re-united with his childhood love Kitty and back in the “civilization” of Colonial India which he finds far less civilized then his jungle haunts. The search for a lost treasure shows who the truly civilized members of society are.
Written by
Susan Southall <[email protected]>

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  • Smells_Like_Cheese 3 days ago

    Such a great movie, very under rated

  • ccthemovieman-1 3 days ago

    A Solid Version Of The Classic Story

  • TheLittleSongbird 3 days ago

    Lusciously filmed, with slick pacing, good performances and terrific music; while just lacking the 1967 film’s charm, it is truer to the book, worthwhile and very underrated

  • Abby-9 3 days ago

    Fine performances and direction in the spirit of Kipling.

  • Doylenf 3 days ago

    Darker and more intense version is visually impressive…

  • tulip33 3 days ago

    I can’t believe this movie rated so low!

  • rannynm 3 days ago

    This movie has so much action and suspense and follows the same storyline as the cartoon version but with so much more detail.

  • raymond-15 3 days ago

    Boys young & old like adventure yarns and this is a good one!

  • kealoha87 3 days ago

    The plot summary is just as IMDb says.

  • mat-mcnaughton-254-33257 3 days ago

    Just as good as I remember.

  • abrafocus 3 days ago

    Great movie!

  • lee_eisenberg 3 days ago

    Uh-oh: they said “macaque”!

  • jmmustchin 3 days ago

    Great adaption

  • peter-neilen 3 days ago

    A good movie

  • bayardhiler 3 days ago

    Why so Low IMDb?

  • jeffnkimsmith 3 days ago

    Pretty good movie, I enjoyed it.

  • stardancer891 3 days ago

    Great movie! It deserves a much higher rating.

  • Special-K88 3 days ago

    an enjoyable adventure

  • mmundy-1 3 days ago

    The Jungle Book as Rudyard meant it to be filmed!

  • euroasiangenetic 3 days ago

    Underestimated Disney movie

  • Bored_Dragon 3 days ago

    “The more I learn what is a man, the more I want to be an animal.”

  • OllieSuave-007 3 days ago

    A very nice live Disney adaptation of Kipling’s novel.

  • Slice of LIfe 3 days ago

    Kipling would have liked it

  • eragonbookfan 3 days ago

    Happy 20TH Anniversary!!