Zeus and Roxanne (1997)

Zeus and Roxanne (1997)

Genre: adventure, comedy, family, Genre
Director: George Miller
Starring: Arnold Vosloo, Kathleen Quinlan, Steve Guttenberg, ,
Run time: 98 min
IMDb: 5.3/10
Country: USA
Released: 1997
Views: 716


Mary Beth is a marine biologist that gets annoyed when a dog called Zeus stows aboard her research boat. Nevertheless she is intrigued when the intrusive canine makes best friends with her captive dolphin, Roxanne. She falls in love with Zeus’ owner, Terry, a musician who rides a bike.
Written by
Marcos Eduardo Acosta Aldrete

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  • RJK-8 1 week ago

    A fun movie for the family with great animal antics

  • mrstimberlake21 1 week ago

    This movie will brighten up any cloudy day, any foul play, any hint of dismay, any tooth decay, in every which way.

  • m_finebesser 1 week ago

    Lots of clean fun for the whole family

  • Damfino1895 1 week ago

    Very sweet movie, definitely a feel good one

  • malkomom 1 week ago

    Just for Fun & a Good Mood

  • aromatic-2 1 week ago

    Delightful fun for the kid in all of us

  • RNMorton 1 week ago

    Light romantic comedy