Devil’s Knot (2013)

Devil’s Knot (2013)

Genre: biography, crime, drama, Genre
Director: Atom Egoyan
Starring: Alessandro Nivola, Reese Witherspoon, Colin Firth, ,
Run time: 114 min
IMDb: 6.1/10
Country: USA
Released: 2013
Views: 1036


Based on the actual events of the West Memphis Three, where three young boys were savagely murdered in West Memphis, Arkansas in 1993. Spurred on by the demand from a grieving town, the local police act quickly to bring three “devil-worshipping” teenagers to trial. With their lives hanging in the balance, investigator Ron Lax is trying to find the truth between the town’s need for justice and the guilt of the accused.
Written by
Anne Campbell

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  • MartinHafer 1 month ago

    Very well done but the documentary might be something you’re looking for if you want all the details.

  • Tcarts76 1 month ago

    Paradise Lost series makes this a little flat

  • ck10101980 1 month ago

    What to Expect: Devil’s Knot

  • davideo-2 1 month ago

    Flawed but decent account of a comparatively recent case

  • doug_park2001 1 month ago

    “There’s power in the blood”

  • Robert_duder 1 month ago

    So much potential lost in a messy effort

  • shawneofthedead 1 month ago

    A respectful but overly restrained dramatisation of true events – the real story is far more devilish and knotty than the film suggests.

  • pmcguireumc 1 month ago

    a decent summary of the defense’s case

  • cosmo_tiger 1 month ago

    Worth seeing but if you get a chance read & watch anything else on the West Memphis 3, you’ll be more informed & more interested

  • The_Film_Cricket 1 month ago

    Truth is stranger than fiction . . . and that’s the problem.

  • classicalsteve 1 month ago

    An Outstanding Film About One of the Most Troubling Murder Cases of the Late 20th Century — Unjustly Snubbed By Critics

  • emmaline89 1 month ago

    Poor representation of a very complex murder case

  • Falconeer 1 month ago

    Surprisingly poor effort

  • maraleveritt 1 month ago

    Leaves heartbreaking mystery for viewers to ‘solve’

  • Raven-1969 1 month ago

    completely enthralled

  • karmaswimswami 1 month ago

    Subtle storytelling catching the authentic penumbra of the case

  • neil-arsenal 1 month ago

    An average movie with good casting.

  • StevePulaski 1 month ago

    Nicely details characters, environment, and impact

  • gradyharp 1 month ago

    ‘Police records were a mess. To call them disorderly would be putting it mildly.’

  • lee_eisenberg 1 month ago

    What else might we learn about this story?

  • dannyowensgop 1 month ago

    The Most Accurate Portrayal of This Case To Date

  • room102 1 month ago

    A Travesty

  • neil-476 1 month ago

    Decent enough, but a little lacking

  • MajorBaleegh 1 month ago

    Emotional Story