Nowhere Girl (2014)

Nowhere Girl (2014)

Genre: comedy, Genre
Director: Jed Rigney
Starring: Ilana Guralnik, Jennifer Aspen, Josh Robert Thompson, ,
Run time: 103 min
IMDb: 5.9/10
Country: USA
Released: 2014
Views: 1025


A broken-hearted guy meets a girl who turns his life around – he’d be crazy not to fall in love with her.

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  • sbraed2004 2 days ago

    Fun and surprising film

  • robertenvall 2 days ago

    Light hearted study in the human condition

  • stevenjohnhubbard 2 days ago

    Good movie, Great Movie if you love San Francisco.

  • amazon-99340 2 days ago

    Take a chance on this one, you won’t be disappointed! Really enjoyable and fun flick for a wide audience.

  • accts-866-125295 2 days ago

    a very cute and unassuming jewel

  • NerezzaAU 2 days ago

    I wish that this movie was imaginary

  • imdbcommentatorNo5 2 days ago

    Harmless & Pointless