Karthika Deepam Todays Episode 5th March 2021: Surya Hima Choose Deepa Over Karthik?

The coming episode of Karthika Deepam starts with where Surya says to them that she loves a lot the behavior of his father, and he says that this is the reason no one can stay separate from him. Then she says that he and her grandmother says that they will stay together like a family, but it seems that it can not happen at all because they do not know that how can they stay away from their father. Then Hema says to them that let their father go from here, he will call because he can not live without seeing her then Surya says that day will not come ever.Then Hema says that she also wants to stay with their father then Deepa says that they can go to him. Because she does not stop them and she says to Varanasi that please drop them at the house of Karthik. Then Both Surya and Hema say that they want to stay with both their mother father, Then she says to them that their father did not accept her as his wife therefore it can not happen at all. On but another side he loves his child a lot so does not worryAfter that, Surya has curiosity, and finally, he asks Deepa that what happened between them please tell him. Then she tells them that before 10 years she came here like an orphan and she still lives here, and her rest of life will also going on between this greenery and planting. Then she says that she does not have a life without them and she says that but now she can not stop them from their bright future then she says that she hopes that they can stay together, but now this hope also got died.Then Varasani also shows anger and says to her that Im angry because how can they follow their father besides mother. Then he says that how can someone forget the love of their mother and he says that he will definitely drop them at their father. Then Surya and Hima apologize to Deepa and hug her and say that if they have to choose one between of their parents so they will choose her, instead of their father. Then Karthik comes there and notices that no one is happy there.Then he says that he does not want to stay with her because she has snatched his daughter from him. Then Deepa receives the call of Soundarya but she does not receive that and both kids ask her that that was their grandmothers call or his fathers call. Then she says that it is an unknown call therefore she did not pick. Then Varanaki asks her that did she make something then Deepa says no, then Varanasi says they will try to make everything good for their house.

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