Bill Maher, Charlamagne Tha God clash over Cuomo, Biden sexual misconduct allegations
Real Time host Bill Maher had a heated exchange with radio host Charlamagne Tha God over the sexual misconduct allegations against Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and President Biden. During a panel discussion Friday night about whether Cuomo needs to resign, Maher began by declaring he does not need an investigation into the sexual harassment allegations that have surfaced against Cuomo, insisting its always on a case-by-case basis and that I believe these women completely. Charlamagne, however, told Maher its kinda hard to ask Cuomo to resign when you voted for Joe Biden. He explained, If you werent more upset with Joe Biden, who had more serious allegations– No, he didnt! Maher exclaimed. Yeah, he was accused of actual rape, Charlamagne said. No, he wasnt, Maher doubled down. What are you talking about?! Charlamagne gasped. Are you talking about the hallway incident? Maher asked. Tara Reade! Charlamagne responded. Well, I dont believe that, Maher quickly dismissed Bidens accuser. Thats what Im saying. Some I believe, some I dont. Thats my right. I dont believe her. These women I believe completely. I dont think that Joe Biden is the guy who finger-b—s you in the hallway. I dont. I just dont. The Breakfast Club co-host stressed that while he wasnt saying he believed Reades claims either, he pointed out her allegations were more serious than Cuomos and yet I didnt hear people asking him to resign or drop out of the race. New York Times columnist Frank Bruni pointed out that Biden had repeatedly denied Reades allegations, comparing the denials to Cuomos non-denial about at least one of his accusers. The conversation then pivoted to the allegations other women made about Bidens inappropriate touching, which Maher stressed was a different issue. Thats when he was sniffing their hair, Maher told Charlamagne. The first allegation was just . . it wasnt even a MeToo, even though it was interpreted that way in the press. It was just he was just trying to do an old-man thing. Hey man, harassment is harassment, Charlamagne said. No, its not, Maher shot back. I dont think we can tell women the difference between sniffing hair and saying something inappropriate because I think sniffing hair is just as inappropriate as saying something, Charlamagne said. Maher then went to bat for Biden, explaining the Democrat was just trying to show Lucy Flores encouragement. She was just about to make a speech, he came up behind her just to be like, Youre going to do good out there, honey, Maher told the panel before acting out a Biden sniff. Lets not pretend that we live in this world where all these things are the same. I agree with that, Charlamagne conceded. The Real Time host went on to slam Cuomo for denying he was trying to make advances toward his accusers. Yes, you were, Maher said. Just be real about it. Im lonely, Im horny. I mean, theres nothing sadder than a man with no game. Tara Reade slammed Maher as an apparent expert in sexual misconduct, telling Fox News, I dare him to speak to me or have me on his show since he disparages me. Reade, who previously served as a staffer for then-Sen. Biden, came forward last year claiming that her former boss sexually assaulted her. Both Biden and his presidential campaign repeatedly denied her allegations. Meanwhile, three women came forward with their own claims against the embattled New York governor. Lindsey Boylan, the former deputy secretary for economic development and a special adviser to Cuomo, accused the Democrat last week of making sexually charged comments, unwanted touching, and forcibly kissing her on the lips during a one-on-one briefing. Cuomos office has denied her claims. Charlotte Bennett, an executive assistant and health policy adviser in the Cuomo administration, alleged to the New York Times on Saturday that the governor asked her inappropriate questions about her sex life in his office. The third woman, Anna Ruch, told the Times on Monday that Cuomo touched her bare lower back and asked if he could kiss her during a wedding reception in 2019. Cuomo initially claimed his past interactions with women were attempts to be playful but acknowledged he may have been insensitive. He has since expressed more regret at a news conference. The governor is also facing intense scrutiny over his handling of nursing homes during the coronavirus pandemic and is being accused of covering up the number of COVID nursing home deaths following his controversial policy that ordered assisted living facilities to accept COVID-positive patients.

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