Spencer Jones Suffers Career-threatening Injuries After Bar Brawl, Almost Loses An Eye

Oklahoma University wide receiver Spencer Jones was lucky to not lose his eye after a heated bar brawl with an MMA trained man saw him suffer serious injuries. Oklahoma University wide receiver Spencer Jones was involved in an altercation in a bar bathroom that nearly cost him his eye in a video that has gone viral on social media. Jones played in every game for the Sooners last season and was involved in a bathroom fistfight at Logies on the Corner in Norman. Police are currently investigating the incident, with the wide receiver suffering serious injuries. . Spencer Jones eye injury. Oklahoma star almost loses eye after heated bar altercation. Spencer Jones altercation at a bar was caught on video, but it’s unclear who started the confrontation. However, the wide receiver can be seen telling a man to get out of the bathroom before a fight breaks out. According to OU Daily, the bar brawl occurred in the late hours between Saturday, February 13 and Sunday, February 14. Following the incident, Jones sought aid from OU’s athletic trainers as he suffered major injuries. Woodrow “Woody” Glass of Ward and Glass, L.L.P., in Norman has been retained by Jones’ family as legal representation who revealed more on the incident. Glass revealed that the Oklahoma star was held from surgery until the swelling around his eye receded. Dr Perry Brooks, a specialist in facial reconstruction, performed a four-hour outpatient operation on Tuesday, February 16 in which he rebuilt Jones’ left orbital socket. The report states that Jones was extremely lucky to not lose the eye altogether. While the surgery was successful, it is going to take a while for the wide receiver to fully recover. . Also Read. Cam Newton Net Worth. How Rich Is The New England Patriots Star Quarterback?. . The Spencer Jones video begins with the Oklahoma City star telling his assailant to “Get the f*** out of here,” before the perpetrator wiped the blood from his face on Jones and initiated his attack. Jones attorney revealed that he was trying to be the peacemaker and de-escalate that situation, but despite his best efforts, he became the victim of what Glass termed as a vicious assault. After the video was posted, a man identified on Twitter as Braden Brown responded, writing that he and his brother were involved in the fight and defended their actions. Spencer Jones won the Peter Mortell Holder of the Year Award for his efforts as the holder on Oklahomas field goal unit this year. Jones was named an Academic All-Big 12 First Team member this past season. According to a police report obtained by MMA Fighting, two counts of assault and battery are being investigated, and all parties in the alleged incident have been identified. No arrests have been made so far.

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