The Earliest San Francisco Will Trade for Teddy Bridgewater

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The San Francisco 49ers are in the market for a quarterback. This isnt news. Its clear to anyone who has followed the franchise in recent years that changes need to be made, and the organization has made no bones about the fact that they need to improve at the position. The question is, how will John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan go about making those changes?. . Last week there was a report from Joe Person of The Athletic that the 49ers had called the Carolina Panthers to gauge the Panthers interest in potentially trading Teddy Bridgewater. This news was met with a good deal of skepticism. . . As my colleague, Mav Pallack, pointed out last week there isnt a big difference between the play of Garoppolo and Bridgewater. So why the interest from San Francisco?. . In acquiring Bridgewater, San Francisco would be picking up a quarterback who can do everything that Garoppolo gives them, a veteran option who can run the offense, but Bridgewater comes with a savings of approximately $6 million against the salary cap for 2021. . . This is a trade that wont happen soon, I doubt that either party would be willing to pull the trigger on this move until the draft. At the moment neither team has another quarterback on the roster behind Garoppolo or Bridgewater whom they would feel comfortable rolling with for 2021 so they dont want to overexpose themselves to the unpredictability of the draft. . . Lets play this out. Carolina selects a quarterback with their pick at


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