Covid-19: MP suggests calling on veterinarians for vaccination

Veterinarians can lend a hand to vaccinate the population against Covid-19 if we were to be faced with a lack of professionals, suggested the deputy Loc Dombreval in a letter addressed to the Minister of Health on Monday. In March 2020, the veterinarians, animal health professionals, were 4,637 to volunteer with the regional health agencies to be part of the health reserve, recalled the deputy LREM in this letter. This involvement is a sign of their willingness to engage and of the close bond of solidarity that binds human and animal health professionals, he underlines. . Veterinarians practice vaccination daily. If we were to be faced with a lack of professionals to vaccinate, appealing to volunteer veterinarians from the health reserve would respond to the will displayed by the government to accelerate the vaccination campaign, continued Loc Dombreval. According to him, veterinarians are already vaccinating in Argentina, Canada and some states in the United States. . The government has decided to step up the pace of vaccinations. For four consecutive days, from Wednesday to Saturday, the number of daily bites exceeded 100,000 in the country, including more than 180,000 Friday and Saturday in dedicated centers, a record rate. In total, 3. 7 million French people received at least one dose of the vaccine or about 5. 6% of the population, of which 1. 9 million were vaccinated with two doses.

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