Azealia Banks Gets Into The NFT Game With An Audio Sex Tape

Not to be a Luddite or an alarmist or anything, but it might be time to put the brakes on the whole crypto experiment. Aside from the ecological effects, which look pretty bad overall, I never wanted to type the words Azealia Banks sex tape at any point in my career and yet, here we are. . . The controversy magnet who was at one point famous for making the romping 2012 hit 212 and is now much more liable to go on a bigoted rant or try to start a beef with whichever female rapper is currently closest to the top of the charts decided the non-fungible token NFT game was too good to miss out on and found the perfect in her mind, Im sure way to capitalize. the aforementioned sex tape. According to Vice and NFT marketplace Foundation, the first-ever audio sex tape NFT was created by Banks and sold for quite the sum. . Of course, being Azealia Banks, she had to throw some troll-ish curveball on it. The tape, which features Banks and her fiance, conceptual artist Ryder Ripps, is audio-only. Ill leave whether thats a good or a bad thing up to you, but theres one thing it absolutely is. profitable. The 24-minute recording apparently sold for well over $17,000 or 10 Ethereum, technically speaking. The buyer, Rulton Fyder, received full ownership, distribution and display rights, and a signed LP vinyl record. . . Only time will tell if Fyders a play on Fulton Ryder, a pseudonym of Richard Princes NSFW NFT investment will pay off. Crypto-art is still relatively new and the element that gives traditional art its value, generally speaking, is time. However, with this new technology running rampant and the internet re-writing all the rules faster than anyone can learn them, its the wild west and we might be looking at a whole new ballgame, where ownership comes with two-factor authentication.

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