Man shot, killed at Dawson Park marks Portland’s 20th homicide case of 2021

PORTLAND, Ore. Officers are investigating a homicide after getting reports of a shooting Tuesday afternoon near Dawson Park in North Portland. . . Reports of gunfire came in about 2. 30 p. m. along North Williams Avenue near Stanton Street. Police arrived to find a man dead on the sidewalk near Dawson park. . . Police officials do not have anyone in custody at this time. . . Mayor Ted Wheeler, who also serves as police commissioner, joined a police spokesperson at 4. 30 p. m. for a press conference. You can watch it below. . Wheelers presence surprised some who came to the shooting scene. Sam Sachs is a lifelong Portland resident and the founder of No Hate Zone. He says the mayors appearance at the crime scene is a start, but not enough. . . Im glad to see the mayor here, but I dont see any of the other commissioners. I dont hear anything from the commissioners, said Sachs. I would say to the governor and to the county chair and to the City Commission, what is the plan? What are you doing? We need to know. We are in a state of emergency something has to happen or this is going to continue. This is going to happen again tonight or tomorrow. What are we going to do to stop it?. . The mayor acknowledged that Portland is facing an emergency and says the city is taking steps to stop violence. . . Every shooting now gets the attention it deserves. We have 247 response team and additional analytical support thats all on the investigative side. Through our office of violence prevention, which is separate, we are increasing our efforts to both prevent and intervene to stop the spread of this kind of violence, said Wheeler. This is our top public safety concern. Thats why youre seeing so many people, not just PPB, but were working with county sheriff, the state police, our federal partners on the law enforcement side. Youre also seeing us work with faith community, community groups, the office of violence prevention, Multnomah Countys programs around public health and intervention. Were all working together in ways we never worked together before. . . Wheeler says he cannot commit to come to every scene from now on, but says all elected leaders are aware of how dire the situation is in Portland. . . We collectively see it, by we, I mean the City Council, the police bureau, the office of prevention, our partners with Multnomah County, our partners at the state and federal level who are working with us on this. We see this has reached crisis proportions. We are collectively unified in our desire and commitment to bring an end to it. The public expects it and they should and they will hold us accountable, he said. . . This marks the 20th homicide in Portland this year, and the 15th by gunfire. .

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