Chrissy Teigen Reveals Embarrassing Encounter With Michael Keaton

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Even celebs can have awkward encounters with other celebs. Chrissy Teigen, for example, seemingly though Michael Keaton was a waiter. . . Teigen joined Jimmy Fallon on Tuesdays Tonight Show, and the pair played a game called Best Worst First, where they had to share different stories about their best or worst experiences in random situations. . . The first prompt was Best Celebrity Encounter, but the first thing that came to her mind was something a little less favorable. . . God, I think it was after the Golden Globes — oh, no, this might be worst, Teigen said with a laugh. . . Looking back at the event, she explained that she was drinking a lot at the time, and she saw somebody at the entrance holding a glass of champagne. . . So I just went up and I took it and I said, Thank you, she continued, adding that her husband, John Legend, had to explain who it was. John goes, That was Michael Keaton. . . It was not someone serving champagne? Fallon clarified while laughing. . . It was not! And Im so embarrassed by it still, I could die, Teigen said. But I just took it, I drank it and I left. . . Fallon consoled her by suggesting that at least Keaton would have been a good sport about it. . Teigens propensity for speaking her mind is one reason why she asked President Joe Biden to unfollow her on Twitter, and she opened up to Fallon about why she had to make the request. . . Right after the inauguration, and Biden took over the official @POTUS account, Teigen became one of 13 people the account followed — and the only person who wasnt a politician or directly connected to Bidens administration. . . According to Teigen, she was very excited by the follow, but realized it was a bad idea almost instantly. . . The second it happened, I was like, Oh st, she explained, adding, I dont believe hes like Trump and actively strolling through, but it was so amazing because for years Id been actively shunned. . . but then it became too much. . . Also when youre on that list, a bunch of weird people go to his account, and they dont know you at all, so they go, Whos this chick? Then they come to my page and its just a hell hole, Teigen added. So life is better now.


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