10 Most Heartbreaking Deaths In Superman Comics

Superman has lost many friends and family over the years. However, witnessing these deaths first-hand was heartbreaking for the fans. Despite being the Man of Tomorrow and an enduring symbol of hope, Superman has had his fair share of pain. Not only has his own activities caused the deaths of many civilians but he has also been unfortunate enough to witness the death of his loved ones. From his pet dog and his parents to his love interests and his fellow superheroes, Superman has experienced a lot of tragedy that has impacted him greatly. And then in The Death of Superman, he sacrificed himself, leaving his friends and fans heartbroken. While readers will agree that each death was quite emotional, some losses proved to be more heartbreaking than others. . 10. Krypto. Supermans Kryptonian dog Krypto has been extremely loyal to the costumed superhero for a long time. His commitment to protecting Kal-El is exemplified when he sacrifices his own life for him. . In the 1986 series Whatever Happened To The Man of Tomorrow by Alan Moore, Superman duels with the Kryptonite Man the villain earlier known as Kryptonite Kid. As he radiates kryptonite, weakening Superman, Krypto pounces on the villain and bites off his throat. Kryptonite Man dies in a few seconds but unfortunately, Krypto gets irradiated too and eventually dies. Thankfully, the story was non-canonical and Krypto got enough storylines to make a comeback. 9. Lois Lane. In the Injustice storyline, the infamous Daily Planet journalist, Lois Lane, died in a heartbreaking and emotional storyline. In this storyline, the readers discover that Loiss heart is connected to a massive bomb in Metropolis. The Joker and Harley Quinn decide to kidnap her and attempt to operate on her heart to detonate this bomb. Even though Superman arrives just in time to save Lois Lane, Joker forces him to inhale Scarecrows fear toxin thats also layered with Kryptonite. The hallucinatory effects of the toxin create an illusion, making Lois seem like Doomsday. Superman drags Lois towards outer space intending to kill her. Its only high above the earth that the toxins effects wear off and he realized his folly. But its too late and Lois dies by then. 8. Green Arrow. Supermans powers can be highly lethal if left unchecked or if the hero falls under undue influence. The Superman/Batman series that was initially written by Jeph Loeb featured an arc titled Absolute Power. This painted an alternate reality, where members from the 31st Centurys Legion of Super-Villains annihilate most of the Justice League and raise younger versions of Superman and Batman as their own children, turning them into powerful tyrants. . The two heroes are then tasked with suppressing any vigilante who would dare to go against them. Green Arrow is one such vigilante who attempts to subjugate Superman with Kryptonite-laden arrows. He ends up having a brutal demise as Superman vaporizes him with his heat vision. Obey or die. He says while decimating Green Arrow. 7. Jonathan Kent. Supermans adoptive father, Jonathan Kent, has died in several storylines. However, its perhaps his death in Action Comics

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