Montana De La Rosa Draws Mayra Bueno Silva After War – UFC Vegas 20 Results
Next up on the UFC Vegas 20 main card is a women’s flyweight encounter between Montana De La Rosa and Mayra Bueno Silva. Round 1. Silva opens with a leg kick but is on the receiving end of a right hook from De La Rosa. De La Rosa connects again with Silva now pressuring her. De La Rosa, however, goes for the takedown and lands it. Silva gets up but is clinched up against the fence. Silva is deducted a point after she holds the cage to prevent the takedown attempt. Silva apologizes and the fight resumes. Silva lands some knees in the clinch. De La Rosa lands two front kicks to the body. De La Rosa lands a right hand as she goes for another takedown. Silva continues to land knees and show danger with her striking. They separate before De La Rosa goes for another takedown attempt. The round ends. . Round 2. Silva lands a leg kick and seems to have landed with a huge head kick. De La Rosa is backed up against the fence and goes for the takedown. However, she fails to land it as Silva ends up on top. Silva lands a few big strikes but De La Rosa gets to her feet. The momentum is shifting now as Silva lands some devastating knees. De La Rosa continues to look for the takedown and gets it in the end. De La Rosa gets the mount. She lands a couple of strikes and momentarily looks for an arm triangle. De La Rosa ends the round strong. Round 3. Silva clinches De La Rosa and goes for more knees. De La Rosa goes for the takedown again. Silva threatens with a submission but proceeds to land a big knee after. De La Rosa is bleeding now as she was likely busted up in the nose. De La Rosa is fighting through it as she continues to clinch Silva up against the fence. Silva lands another knee and connects with more big shots. They separate. Silva lands a body shot but is taken down soon after. De La Rosa ends the fight strong. . Official result. Montana De La Rosa draws Mayra Bueno Silva in a majority decision 28-27, 28-28, 28-28.

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