Netflix announces documentary about the last remaining Blockbuster video store

For most of the country, it has been years since they went to a video store to rent a movie. Thanks to streaming, businesses like Blockbuster have become a thing of the past except for in Bend, Oregon where the last remaining Blockbuster store is still operating. Now, after helping to end the company, Netflix has announced they will be releasing a documentary about the last remaining Blockbuster store. . The Last Blockbuster includes interviews with fans and employees of the Oregon Blockbuster location, along with people in the industry giving viewers a nostalgic look at the iconic store. A lot of people know that Blockbuster had the chance to buy Netflix early on and they passed on the opportunity. In an ironic twist of fate, our movie The Last Blockbuster is coming to Netflix one week from today. We are beyond excited for people to get to see this tribute to era of home video on the worlds largest streaming service, read a statement on the documentarys Facebook page. . . The documentary is set to be available on Netflix starting March 15, according to NME. There have been many stories written about the last remaining Blockbuster store over the years, and now fans will get the chance to see what keeps it going.

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