Brooks says Beal will have a month he ‘doesnt miss anything

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F. . With a mix of physicality and tight defense, they held Beal to 21 points Wednesday, his second-lowest scoring output of the season, as the Wizards lost their first game after the All-Star break 127-112 on the road in Memphis. Eight days ago, the Grizzlies held Beal to his then-second-lowest point total of the season 23, another game the Wizards lost by double digits. They faceguard him, they put their hands on him, coach Scott Brooks said postgame. I thought he did a good job getting to the free throw line eight times in the second. Did the same thing in the second half and he didnt get any calls. Theyre physical with him, they put a lot of bodies, they dare us to make shots. Until we start making shots consistently from 3, theyre going to put a lot of bodies around him. . . Beal finished the game 6-of-22 from the field, his second-worst field goal percentage of the season. He went 1-of-8 from 3-point land, his worst 3-point percentage this season when he made at least one shot from deep. . . He missed some shots he normally would make, but a couple of things have to happen, Brooks said. Weve got to do a better job of screening, weve got to do a better job making some shots because theyre putting a lot of eyeballs on him. . The Wizards got 20 points from Russell Westbrook and 13 from both Davis Bertans and Deni Avdija, but couldnt slow down the Grizzlies in the paint. Washington was outscored 78-48 in the paint and out-rebounded 75-43. Jonas Valanciunas had 29 points and 20 rebounds as no one on the Wizards had an answer near the basket. . . The area where the Wizards could have made up the difference, though, was from 3-point territory. They made just 30. 6 percent 11-of-36 from deep, including Beals poor shooting night. . Im hoping that it all just kinda levels out, Brooks said. I believe in Brads work, Ive seen it now for five years. Hes Groundhog Day, he just comes in and does his job. Does his pre-practice work, post-practice, pregame work, hes very consistent, hes not going to change that and he shouldnt. Hes had success. I cant wait to see it take shape. . . Of course, Beal posting a poor night with 21 points goes to show just how valuable hes been to the Wizards this season. It also proves that, when hes not taking over a game, the Wizards need others in the lineup to step up to the occasion or else theyre in trouble. Beal, the leagues leading scorer, has made 33. 5 percent of his 3-point shots this season. Its admittedly a nitpick of his play, but that doesnt mean he cant improve or that success is soon around the corner. . . Hes going to have a month where hes shooting 65 percent from 3, Brooks said. Im looking forward to seeing that and were going to have to have a couple of guys shoot the ball better. Brad does so many great things, if he ends up shooting 35 percent from 3, thats splitting hairs there. I still feel hes going to get hot, hes going to have a month he doesnt miss anything.


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