You will relate to what Megha Ray has been doing on Mahashivratri every year

Television actress Megha Ray who is currently a part of the show Apna Time Bhi Aayega is an ardent believer of Lord Shiva. Every year the actress looks forward to this festival more than any other because of her strong faith in the diety. Be it her social media posts or other things in life, the influence of Shiva can be seen. . Yes, I have immense faith in Lord Shiva. What started as religious devotion during my childhood has grown to become a journey of spirituality. To me in the present-day, Shiva is not just the name of a God, it is a way of being. He is both tranquillity and destruction, shares the actress. . She says that the ideologies of Shiva have helped her attain a balance in life and she is glad to maintain it. That is the balance one needs in life. No one is perfect, but we must find the right balance of order and chaos in our lives as well as within us. His ideologies have always guided me, adds the actress. . She has been following a few rituals too for a few years now. I dont have non-vegetarian food on Mondays which is the day of Lord Shiva and observe fast on Mahashivratri every year. This year is the same, albeit I will be working on the set. As far as prayers go, he is always on my mind and I try my best to maintain that in my actions as well, she signs off.

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