Health postpones the decision to supply Astra Zeneca until age 65 amid doubts in Europe about this v
The general directors of Health of the Government and the communities have the decision postponed this Thursday they were going to take to allow the administration of the Astra Zeneca to people over 55 years of age, up to 65. The non-decision occurs the same day that Denmark and Norway have paralyzed injections with this product to investigate its side effects. Five other countries they have blocked a batch of this vaccine for the same reasons. . . For this reason, Spain will wait for there is an evaluation and opinion of the European Medicines Agency EMA regarding the adverse effects of this vaccine, reported the Ministry of Health. . . The Public Health Commission was going to make a decision this Thursday on the advisability of raise the age, from 55 to 65, of people who can be inoculated with the Oxford University vaccine but has finally only made a decision that is not related to this issue. . . As reported by Health sources, the agency has approved to include high risk groups in the next update of the vaccination strategy, so that an exception will be made to the order established according to age so that people with serious diseases which today have not been specified can receive their dose earlier. . . But the meeting this Thursday has not left no decision on whether to raise the age to administer the vaccine Astra Zeneca. . Until now, Spain had chosen to administer it only to people between 18 and 55 years old, but for weeks the Community of Madrid, Catalonia and Andalusia They demanded that the Ministry of Health allow people up to 65 years of age to be injected with it, as other EU countries do. . . The intention of the Minister of Health, Carolina DariasIt was to wait to review this decision until the clinical trials that Astra Zeneca is going to carry out with people up to 65 years old, to have scientific evidence that it is safe to vaccinate them with it. These results were scheduled for April but this Wednesday Darias decided to advance the decision, in view of the experience of other European countries, who from the beginning chose to vaccinate with Astra Zeneca the population aged 65 and under. . . The current 55-year limit for Astra Zeneca forced a few weeks ago to reconfigure the vaccination process, because this limitation forced the people older than that age they had to receive the other two vaccines available so far, Pfizer and Moderna. . . The first decision regarding the British vaccine is to start injecting health workers who are not on the front line and others essential workers, as bodies and security forces and teachers, as long as they do not exceed 55 years.

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