Seventeen’s Mingyu comes to a settlement with one of his school bullying accusers
On March 12, Pledis Entertainment released an update in the ongoing investigation surrounding Seventeen member Mingyus school bullying allegations. . . Read Pledis Entertainments full statement below. Hello, this is Pledis Entertainment. . . We notify an additional update regarding the online school bullying rumors raised against Seventeens Mingyu. . . The agency has held several dialogues with the accuser who attended the same tutoring school as Mingyu, confirming the details of the allegations. Through the dialogues, both sides have come to a mutual agreement to settle misunderstandings and bring the issue to an end. This accuser, who went through various personal situations during their middle school days, stated that they published the bullying post in the hopes of making the injustices done to them known publicly. As a result, the topic of Mingyu came up. In response, our artist explained that he often played jokes with the other male classmates at the tutoring school however, he had no intention of bullying or mistreating any specific individuals with the intent to hurt and belittle. However, the artist also relayed that if his past actions inflicted discomfort on the accuser, then he offered his sincere apologies. . . The accuser has accepted Mingyus apology, as well as the terms of this settlement. The accuser has made it clear throughout the dialogues that they do not wish to see Mingyu leaving the group or halting his activities. . . Finally, Pledis Entertainment has also confirmed the contents of this statement in advance with the accuser, and the accuser has given their permission to publicize the contents mentioned. . . Now, Pledis Entertainment has successfully contacted all individual accusers who were open to dialogues. The agency is currently considering how to contact anonymous users who made allegations without identification. We will release any new or updated information as soon as they become available.

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