Station 19 Season 4 Episode 6 Recap: Maya Had Gone Against Her Instincts, Ben Gave Jack Advice, Dean

Heres a quick recap of how we went from seeking revenge to thinking the worst following Thursdays dramatic midseason premiere of Station 19 – where Greys Anatomy doc Andrew DeLucas ticket seems to have been punched at a train station. . . DEAN AND SULLIVAN ARRESTED. Station 19 firefighters were left reeling by the arrests of Dean and Sullivan by the cops. Andy has always regarded the cops as their allies because of Ryan. . . VICS NEW CRUSH. Travis attempted to divert Vics interest away from him by pushing her to chat about her new crush. However, the incident had left her with a lifelong ache that she couldnt forget. She said, You know, if those girls were white, theyd be on the front pages of newspapers right now. She was still sick of having to scream to be heard. She screamed out that black women shouldnt have to scream in the driveway. . THE CHASE WITH A SEX TRAFFICKER. DeLuca and Carina played chase with sex trafficker Opal, who pulled over into an alley to share an envelope that was full of money with an anonymous individual. Andrew had no intention of getting Opal out of his sight he hated himself for being too unstable to be trusted in the first place when he should have easily busted her. . . When Maya told her squad, she freed Jack and Ben to do what the cops couldnt. provide protection to the DeLucas. Arent we going to sit here and wait for the cops? Dean inquired of his captain. . Miller raged, When you couldve just got my back, those girls had to set fire to get your attention. The DeLucas at this time pursued Opal to a train station and took a snapshot of her cars Idaho license plate to pass through the device. It turned out that it was registered to Bob, which caused law enforcement to act. . . BENS ADVICE TO JACK. Ben gave Jack some advice on being there for Dean on the ride to the train station, starting with, Well, you know, there are a lot of good cops out there. You saw how some of those decent officers handle Black men when they arent wearing firefighter uniforms yesterday, Warren said. The DeLucas accompanied Opal into the train station. . . MAYAS BIG ATTEMPT. Maya was so concerned that she left Andy in charge of the inspection station, ignoring what Battalion Chief Gregory would think. She had gone against her instincts and towed the line the day before, fearful that she would not only be the first female captain, but also the last. DEANS DECISION. Dean disrupted Travis speech back at the station. Hed reached a huge decision. he was going to court to sue the police. He said, If we dont fight them, nothing will change. VIC BREAKS DOWN. Gregory also knew what they had been through in the past 24 hours and appreciated their courage, which caused Vic to weep. She sobbed, I dont want this. DeLuca broke from Carina as the hour came to a close to find Opal across the train station where theyd arrived. He was only delayed when he collided with a guy who apparently had stabbed Andrew.

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