Hear Taylor Swifts re-recorded version of Wildest Dreams in the Spirit Untamed traile

DreamWorks Animation is bringing us Spirit Untamed, a story about a young girl who finds a kindred spirit within a wild Mustang. And Taylor Swifts re-recorded version of Wildest Dreams Taylors Version is bringing even more fervor to the upcoming films trailer. . As of right now the only place that fans can hear Taylors new version of Wildest Dreams is in the upcoming trailer for Spirit Untamed. Alongside Swifts hit song, the films cast includes, Isabela Merced, whose music will also be featured in the movie, Jake Gyllenhall, and Julianne Moore. . Last month, without much build-up, Taylor announced that shed be releasing her 2008 album, Fearless on April 9. The re-released version of the studio album will be called Fearless Taylors Version which will feature 20 songs from the original album, plus six new tracks that have never been heard.

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