Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez split: A look at their joint business ventures
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have reportedly ended their engagement after several years together. . . The two were not married, which makes the split a little easier, but they were tied up together in several of their business endeavors, which may complicate things a bit. . . A source told People magazine the breakup was a long time coming, but it was their business affairs that have made things sticky. . . They are tied in their business worlds so its not a cut-and-dry breakup, they added. Its taken a while for them to even think about untangling it all. . The two notably tried to buy MLBs New York Mets last year but gave up their bid when negotiations with potential partners failed to materialize, the New York Post reported last May. Everyone who works on the business side for the couple is mostly saying, Thank god they didnt buy the Mets, a source told the New York Posts Page Six. Even though the deal would have seen Alex and Jennifer putting in their own separate investments, it would have been a huge mess to get out of it. . . However, they do have a number of successful joint ventures together. . . Lopez, 51, and Rodriguez, 45, become investors in the self-care company Hims

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