Runners Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day With Annual Race

3 Rivers Road Runners celebrated the upcoming St. Patricks Day holiday by putting on their annual St. Patricks Day Foot Race Saturday. This particular race, as well as most of their running events, were canceled in 2020. . . Eric Greager has been the race director for the St. Patricks Day Foot Race for several years. . . Almost a year ago today we were going to have this race and the day before in the afternoon the governors edict came out and canceled everything, said Greager. . . Kathy Pryor participated in Saturdays race. . . I mean, you get to see real people out there. And I think everybody probably feels the same way, said Pryor. . . The last run 3 Rivers Road Runners put on in 2020 was the Leprechaun Dash, and the rest were canceled for the year. Now, races are making a comeback–even if they look a little different. . . We followed all the governors guidelines, we started ten people a minute apart. We got everybody out, said Greager. . . For Pryor, despite races and marathons she was looking forward to getting canceled —she feels pretty lucky to be out running in the place she calls home. . . I think weve sort of adjusted to the new way of doing things–even though its a little weird. Im optimistic, said Pryor. . . Eric with 3 Rivers Road Runners is hopeful that there will be more events this year to get people racing safely. . . Foot races, or triathlons or whatever, were figuring out ways to do it, said Greager.

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