Cardi Bs Grammys Hair Made Us All Do A Double Take

When the curtain dropped for Cardi Bs performance at this years Grammy Awards, everyone at home did a double take. For her live performance of WAP, the rapper went for a standout look. a reflective chrome-plated bustier complete with padded shoulder armor. But what really made the star almost unrecognizable off the bat was the fact that her typically long black hair was cut super short into a layered bubblegum-pink pixie. . For her onstage glam, Cardi B worked with celebrity stylist Tokyo Stylez, who custom-designed a special Grammys wig. Stylez partnered with hair-care brand Joico for the occasion, bleaching his clients pre-cut wig before taking it electric pink using the brands Color Intensity dye in Rose Gold. . After securing the wig on Cardis head, Stylez sprayed the pink pixie with Joicos Finishing Spray, combed the wig into style, and the WAP rapper took the stage for an iconic performance alongside Megan Thee Stallion. While were used to seeing the WAP rapper with lots of hair, sometimes wearing six wigs at one time, were kind of loving this simple shorter style, and of course, the cotton-candy color.

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