There’s Been Talks Of A BLACK SABBATH Biopic

Tons of major recording artists have gotten their own biopics in recent years, namely Elton John, Mtley Crue, and Queen. At one point before the pandemic, Black Sabbath was slated to have their own as well. . According to guitarist Tony Iommi in an interview with SPIN, there was talk of a Black Sabbath biopic pre-pandemic. Though hes not too sure whats happening with the film now. . . Yes, there was talk of it, and I dont know what happened. It sort of went out the window when the pandemic started. But we were talking about probably 18 months ago, about doing the biopic. I havent heard much else. . . A Black Sabbath biopic would definitely be cool, though who would play each of the band members? And exactly how pissed off would fans get over each of those choices?

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