Bill Ward Admits I Dont Have The Chops Anymore To Tour with Black Sabbath

Black Sabbaths farewell tour, fittingly dubbed The End, celebrated the iconic bands nearly 50-year legacy without longtime drummer Bill Ward, to the consternation of both fans and Ward himself Ozzy drummer Tommy Clufetos took his place. Ward was in the press quite a bit at the time saying the reason he wasnt involved is because he was offered an unfair deal while everyone else in the band claimed he was physically unfit to play a two hour set every night. Ward pushed back heartily on the latter accusation, saying, I am completely capable of touring. . . Either time has allowed Ward to reflect on his late-in-life drumming abilities more soberly or his health has deteriorated further in the last three years, because Ward has now finally admitted he isnt in good enough shape for the gig. . . Speaking to Eddie Trunk on SiriusXM, Ward was asked if hes OK with the end of Black Sabbath. He replied. The point is somewhat moot given that Sabbaths touring days are over, but its unclear whether Ward is simply saying he doesnt have the ability to drive a band like that on stage NOW or if hes admitting he also didnt five years ago when he was 67, not 60, per the above quote. . . Either way, new Black Sabbath music with or without Ward doesnt seem likely, but its possible. And Ward and the other band members have been on better terms lately, appearing at a Grammy event together in 2019, so at least theres that. Even so, Ozzy is busy with another new solo album after releasing one in 2020 so who knows if the interest is there. TBD!.

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