Meet Michelle Obamas new co-star in Netflix series Waffles Mochi

What else can you do with a guy like me laying at your feet?. . In Waffles Mochi, the titular puppet pals, played, respectively, by Michelle Zamora and Russ Walko, interact with Obama and Busy Bee in their supermarket and travel around the world learning about food and how to cook with fresh ingredients tomatoes, in the series premiere. Guest stars include Rashida Jones, Stranger Things co-star Gaten Matarazzo, Sia and Mandy Moore. . Kidder was originally hired as an assistant puppeteer after Zamora put in a good word for him with Konner, who directed 10 episodes. I actually owe it all toMichelle, he said. After she booked the job, they were talking to her about what a big task this production would be, going all over the world and working with the former First Lady and they said, What can we do to support you? What do you need? She said, I need Jonathan Kidder. . . Ive known Michelle for over a decade through doing educational theater puppetry and other commercial and TV projects. It was really special to be invited onto the project that way. . He proved indispensable as the Waffles Mochi team traveled pre-COVID to locales including Japan, Peru and Italy and several cities in the US. So, when it was time to begin shooting the supermarket scenes in LA featuring Obama with Busy Bee et al. , series creator Thormahlen thought of Kidder. . . The character wasnt fleshed out yet, he said. They werent sure if they were going to cast a male or femaleand when we wrapped the international shoot, Erika approached me and let me know they were thinking of me as this character, then they formally offered me the audition. Everyone calls me Kidder and they said, Kidder, we need someone who can make Mrs. Obama laugh, since Busy Bee opens all the scenes with her. Are you comfortable with that? My answer was Hell yes! Bring it on! It felt like home. . They really just wanted me, he said. Im a fairly sassy gay man who makes no apologies and who generally has his hands full and thats who I was on the international shoot. I had some really cute gossip moments with Mrs. Obama. Theres a scene where she has a mug in her hand and Busy Bee starts talking about one of the supermarket employees, Bianca he made up a name for her and Mrs. Obama said, We are spilling tea, talking about Bianca, we need a teacup. I dont think much of that was used, if at allbut thats what they wanted. It was a casual, fun conversation yet it was focused and a little bit sarcastic and sardonic. . . One thing about puppeteering that I love is that you can really let the spirit of that puppet character come though you, he said. I felt very present and comfortable and at home sort of like being in the middle of a big hug. . . And thats what I feel this show is about.

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