Jeremy Clarkson Spills Details About ‘Unplugged’ The Grand Tour Scotland Special

Lockdown in the UK has probably been fairly quiet for many in the past few months. and the same can be said for Jeremy Clarkson. The former Top Gear and now The Grand Tour host has been keeping busy on his Diddly Squat Farm, and has even finished wrapping up a show on that farm to air on Amazon Prime soon. But what of The Grand Tour? Well, DriveTribe has caught up with Jeremy to have a bit of a chat about all things The Grand Tour, as well as some idle chat too. Mike Fernie of DriveTribe was the man tasked with chatting to Clarkson. Jeremy has had a rather quiet 2021 so far by mostly relaxing on his farm and getting it up and running, while growing a lockdown project beard. The farm show itself is all wrapped up and he is quite excited to hear and see peoples reactions to it. He describes it as a gentile show and that no one catches fire and falls over, so it sounds like it could be some very relaxing viewing. . But what more The Grand Tour? Well, Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May went to Scotland in big and bulky American saloon cars. Jeremy has seen the first cut of it and says it is the three of them, unplugged. Because there is nothing extreme about it, no extreme heat or extreme terrain, its more like what they were doing years ago on Top Gear and will see the three of them just enjoy themselves. Hammond apparently has another accident! And James tries to be interesting, but it was fun and Jeremy thinks everyone will love it. . Aside from that, hes keeping busy with Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and doing more TV shows in the UK. But the three The Grand Tour presenters will soon start filming the next show in late April, as lockdown in the UK hopefully starts to ease further. They are planning more The Grand Tour further afield too when international travel restrictions are relaxed. . . Mike has interviewed Richard already and will interview James next, and is asking them what show they would all make if they had an unlimited budget. Jeremys answer? Go around the world with his two best mates driving other peoples cars into things. Sound familiar?

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