Friends launch fundraising campaign for Big Brother star Nikki Grahames anorexia treatment

Nikki Grahame fans have raised over 73,000 in order to help the star overcome an eating disorder and anorexia. . . Nikki became famous during her stint on Big Brother in 2006. . The 38-year-old has always been very open about her eating disorder and previously revealed that she developed anorexia when she was a child. . A representative for the reality stars battle with anorexia has worsened in recent months. . . Several of Nikkis friends have now set up a GoFundMe age in order to raise money for her treatment. . . They also shared a number of pictures of their friend. . . Readers should be advised that the pictures below may be distressing or triggering to some people. . We have set up this page for our very close and dear friend Nikki, they wrote. . . As some of you may know, Nikki is battling Anorexia. She has been battling for most of her life and as you can see, Nikki is now in a very bad way so we need to do something quickly. . . Over the past years Nikkis family and friends have tried so desperately to get Nikki all the help possible through the NHS but unfortunately, the treatments have failed and we have exhausted every avenue possible, and now Nik is unfortunately in a very bad way, this is now our last hope. . This is why we feel that getting her treatment in a specialist clinic is the only option left for her. . . We are praying this gives her the chance of kicking this illness to the curb once and for all. . . At the moment, Nikki constantly feels weak and is struggling on a day to day basis. . She feels trapped and really wants to get better but feels like its impossible. . . Its heartbreaking and we desperately just want a healthy and well Nikki back with us. She has no energy and is taking each day as it comes. . . The friends added that the NHS treatment is not working and the only option is to seek expensive intensive treatment at The Priory or a similar alternative facility.

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