Black Panther Is The Only Hero Worthy Of Marvel’s New Phoenix
In Marvels Phoenix Tournament, the Black Panther has fought more than any other contender. Does this mean that hes the most worthy?. In the latest issue of Marvel Comics Avengers, its clear that the Black Panther is becoming the most worthy to become the new host of the cosmically powerful Phoenix Force. While the Phoenix has chosen a variety of fighters from across the Marvel Universe to battle one another in its tournament, King TChalla has had to fight more than any other hero so far, always coming out on top, which leads to the question. will these victories tempt him to accept the power of the Phoenix willingly?. . In prior issues of Jason Aarons Phoenix saga, Black Panther was pitted against the bizarre and monstrous Man-Thing, which he easily won. After this first battle, the spirit of the Phoenix spoke with TChalla directly, offering to end the entire tournament should Black Panther embrace the Phoenix and its power as a willing host. Black Panther refused the dangerous and destructive power, though hes still continued to prove his worth as the tournament has gone on. Black Panther later defeated Nighthawk of the Squadron Supreme of America. Should he win the tournament, Black Panther seemed inclined to control and contain the power of the Phoenix rather than actually use it. . Now, Avengers

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