Did Scott Disick pick ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ star Kourtney Kardashian over Sofia Richie?

For many years Keeping Up With the Kardashians stars- Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick left us wondering if they would eventually end up with each other or not. The couples on and off relationship kept everybody guessing about the fate of their relationship until Kourtney called off their relationship for good in 2015. . . Since then, both Kourt and Scott began seeing other people. One of Scotts most steady and serious relationships since his split from Kourt was Sofia Richie, the daughter of popular singer Lionel Richie. Scott and the young supermodel began dating in 2017. Despite their 15 years age difference, both of them seemed to be extremely happy with each other. Sofia even appeared on a few episodes of KUWTK since she began dating Scott. Although the couple seemed head over heels in love with each other, Scotts relationship with his ex and mother of his children- Kourt, reportedly didnt sit too well with Sofia. . On the premiere episode of KUWTK Season 20, we see Scott finally discussing his relationship with the young model, and why they split up. Rumors of Scott and Sofias split began doing rounds in 2020, following which the reality star moved on to his next relationship with Amelia Gray Hamlin, the daughter of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills; star Lisa Rinna and actor Harry Hamlin. Neither Scott nor Sofia ever discussed their split in public, let alone revealing the reason. So, we were more than curious to hear what Scott had to say about their relationship. . When Khloe Kardashian enquires with Scott about Sofia, he tells her that they decided to take some time apart to work things out and decide if they wanted to be together. In another conversation with Kourt, Scott explained to her how his relationship with her and their kids seemed to be the bone of contention between the couple. According to Scott, Sofia was reportedly unhappy with how he was spending too much time with his ex rather than with her, which made her feel neglected. He also shared the huge baggage that he came with- in terms of children and his relationship with Kourt which he admitted could be very overwhelming for anybody. He initially tells everybody that Sofia and he were just on a break. Later, while talking to Kim Kardashian and Khloe, Scott tells them that Sofia and he were done. He shared how the young model was uncomfortable with sharing him with Kourt or anybody else, so she reportedly gave him an ultimatum and asked him to choose either Kourt or her. Scott felt that it was unfair of her to make him choose, as Kourt wasnt a separate entity rather, she came as a package with his children. So not picking Kourt would also mean him not choosing his children. So, the reality star reportedly ended things by picking Kourt and his kids over Sofia. He even added that Sofia liked being the center of attention, but unfortunately in their relationship, she couldnt take center place, as he would always prioritize his kids and Kourt over anybody else.

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