Grandmother’s Day: what flowers to give her?
March 7 is Grandmother’s Day! The perfect opportunity to give them pretty flowers and thank them for passing on all these great recipes and essential tips, from generation to generation. Depending on the season, tastes and their meaning, find out which flowers are best to give to your granny.

Tell him I love you with tulips! The tulip season kicks off in March, making it a prime choice for Grandma’s Day. Give her a very colorful and fresh bouquet to put in a vase in her living room. They require little maintenance, except a little water when they are thirsty. They are flowers full of symbolism that vary according to their color. We will opt instead for pink for a gift to a member of his family, to signify great affection.

A bouquet of roses is the simplest choice you can make, but also the most likely to please everyone. Give one to your grandmother for her birthday to make her happy. In order to avoid any confusion with the passion of a declaration of love, choose roses other than red (pink or white for example), or make it a nice assortment of several shades to obtain a fragrant and dizzying bouquet. .

What better way to celebrate a grandfather’s birthday than to offer him a lily? A past symbol of royalty, this flower has lost none of its splendor in a few centuries. You can make a colorful bouquet with colors that herald the return of sunny days. Yellow, pink, white, green, or even orange: a festival of colors that will brighten up your grandmother’s heart.

Color, color, and more color! To offer a bouquet of anemones for Grandmother’s Day is to offer an explosion of colors. These flowers similar to large daisies will bring life to any room in your home. Be careful, however, to keep them away from direct sunlight. In contact with the rays, its stems bend and they lose some of their beauty.

Spring is also the height of daffodil season! The perfect opportunity to offer it to a loved one. These beautiful yellow flowers are fond of the sun, so remember to expose them without getting too hot. They also require little maintenance since a simple spray is enough to preserve the humidity they will need to thrive in their new environment!

If for his birthday you want to wish him longevity and prosperity, nothing beats a bouquet of gerberas. These flowers, much prettier than their name might suggest, live between 10 and 15 days when cut and in a bouquet. A gift that will therefore last a little while and remind your grandmother on a daily basis how much you love her.

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