a poll in Great Britain said so

rnold Schwarzenegger he is the man in whom all of us should place our hopes of salvation should the Earth be invaded by aliens . . . at least according to a poll held in these hours in Great Britain. . . The star of James Camerons Terminator 2 and former California governor has in fact topped a list of 20 celebrities and public figures selected for a survey designed to choose the most suitable person to lead humanity during an interplanetary crisis. as anticipated by the title, Schwarzenegger obtained the highest number of votes; and, if you were wondering, second place went to Will Smith. . . To complete the top 5 on the list there are beloved Sir David Attenborough, followed by Bruce Willis e Tom Cruise. The former president Donald Trump he was the most suitable politician for such a situation, since he was ranked eighth, immediately behind Harrison Ford and the star of Alien by Ridley Scott, Sigourney Weaver. The other famous politician on the list is Boris Johnson, at position number 12, while the vice president of the United States Kamala Harris beat its leader Joe Biden. she arrived nineteenth, he twentieth. . . The television channel BLAZE, which commissioned the survey, states that Arnold Schwarzenegger is an excellent choice, but also adds. It is troubling to see that so many celebrities, with a wholly imaginary experience of aliens, are regarded by many as better candidates than our current world leaders. . . For its part, Schwarzenegger gladly accepted the new position. I want to thank people for the trust they place in me he has declared. I am ready to serve you.

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