Boruto: Naruto Next Generations’ chapter 56 review: Code rising

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After the tumultuous battle with Jigen and the series changing events of chapter 55, “Boruto. Naruto Next Generations” chapter 56 gives readers a bit of a breather while setting up the next big antagonist, Code. . . Spoilers for all of “Boruto. Naruto Next Generations” ahead. . . Chapter 56 takes place shortly after Naruto, Sasuke, Boruto and Kawaki return from the battle with Jigen. With both Natuto and Sasuke severely weakened, the leaders of Konohagakure must discuss the remaining threats to the village. With almost all of Kara defeated, only one core member remains. Code. Unfortunately for Boruto and friends, it appears Code is even more powerful than Jigen. Revering the Otsutsuki as gods, Code allowed himself to be limited by Jigen out of respect for his leader. With Jigen dead, however, there’s nothing left to hold Code back. . . Most of this chapter is dedicated to setting up Code. We jump back and forth between Kawaki and Amado as they detail Code’s past and insane power. This does a fantastic job of making Code feel like a force to be reckoned with, an adversary that will truly give Konoha a run for their money. . . Towards the end of the chapter, we even get to see Code in action. As Code approaches a secret base of former Kara member Boro, he dispatches two guards swiftly and brutally. This immediately shows audiences that Code isn’t all just talk; he is powerful, intimidating and is shaping up to be a fantastic villain. . . Code serves as more than just a new antagonist, however. he also might be the solution to Boruto’s karma problem. Kawaki suggests that Boruto make Code his vessel, effectively giving him a chance at survival even if Isshiki does take over Boruto’s body. . Though this has not been proven to even be possible yet, this could have a huge impact on Boruto as a character. Sure, Code might be a villain, but he’s still a person; would Boruto be able to kill him just to ensure his own survival? Would this be a morally sound choice? Only time will tell. . . One of the biggest changes holding longtime “Naruto” fans back from “Boruto. Naruto Next Generations” was its change in artist. Instead of being illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto, Mikio Ikemoto. Ikemoto’s style feels much rougher than Kishimoto’s, leading to many criticizing the series’ art. . . Chapter 56 is the first time in a while that it feels like Ikemoto is truly coming into his own as an artist. Each chapter looks better than the last, and some of the characters in chapter 56 look truly amazing. . . With the chapter wrapping up with Code finding Eida, a cyborg who, “knows everything in this world,” things might get intense sooner rather than later. Seeing as how Amado mentioned that he built a number of cyborgs stronger than Jigen, there is a chance that Code is going to round all of them up and form a new evil organization with him as the leader. . . Only time will tell, but after this stellar chapter of set up, it won’t take much for Kishimoto and Ikemoto to hit it out of the park in the future. .


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