Zack Snyder on new upcoming movies, plans for Justice League 2 and Dark Knight Returns

During a recent promotional interview for the release of Justice League, director Zack Snyder spoke to Deadline about a multitude of topics, including the sequels to his epic cinecomic DC Films, an adaptation of the comic Dark Knight Returns and a new feature film. . . Regarding plans for Justice League 2 e Justice League 3, Snyder said. Basically with the next two films we would have seen Darkseid arrive on Earth and Superman succumb to the anti-life equation, which in simple terms is what allows Darkseid to control the universe. Evil Superman, destroyed by Lois Lanes death, joins Darkseid, and together the two conquer Earth. We thus find ourselves in the post-apocalyptic world seen in Justice League. the mission of Batman, Cyborg and The Flash is to send Barry back in time to save Lois Lane, consequently, Superman does not give in to the anti-life equation. Eventually there would be some sort of gigantic repeat of the historic battle we saw in Justice League 1, where the armies of men, the Atlanteans and Themyscirians join together with the Green Lantern Corps and of course the Justice League to finally defeat Darkseid and his army. I can say that the third film would have been ridiculously gigantic. . . His Army of the Dead, la partnership con Netflix e the next feature film, which should start shooting this summer. I just finished working on this really cool movie for Netflix called Army of the Dead. We had an amazing experience with the studio and Im looking to write another movie for them, and were also working on two animated series and a German language prequel to Army of the Dead! So, lets say were developing that franchise a lot, the Army of the Dead franchise. After that, I really want to do Horse Latitudes this summer, if thats possible. . . [Precedentemente noto come The Last Photograph, Horse Latitudes dovrebbe raccontare la storia di due uomini che, ispirati da una fotografia, decidono di intraprendere un viaggio verso il Sud America, ndr]. . n his future with Warner Bros. and DC Films. Im having a lot of fun making these new projects right now, so I dont know. I dont really know, and to be honest Warner Bros. hasnt expressed any interest in making any more movies with me, which suits me 100%. . . On the dream cinecomic he would like to make. There are some comics that Im a huge fan of. Ive always wanted to do Frank Millers Dark Knight Returns and a couple of others, but I dont know. I mean Im pretty happy with the kind of work done with Justice League, and dont feel the burning desire to make another cinecomic. . . .

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