The ‘Falcon And The Winter Soldier’ Actor Talks About His Childhood And What It Was Like Growing Up

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AceShowbiz – Actor Anthony Mackies sisters made his upbringing a living hell, forcing him to dress up, play with Barbie dolls, and eat terrible grilled cheese sandwiches. . . The Captain America. Winter Soldier star grew up as the youngest of six children and has vivid memories of his siblings torturing him. . . When I was kid my brothers were away at college and my sisters went to college locally and my dad was at work all day, he tells Live with Kelly and Ryan, so it was just literally my sisters torturing me all day and making me do whatever they wanted, and all their chores. . . He has some particular childhood memories that make him smile now even though he wasnt amused at the time. . I have one sister, were Irish twins – shes 364 days older than me, he explains. When she would get punished and couldnt leave the house, she would dress me up in her clothes and make me be her friend and play with her Barbie dolls with her. I didnt willingly do it. She was my sister, she would beat me up if I didnt do it. I still look very good in a dress. . . His eldest sister, meanwhile, was in charge of cooking, which was also no picnic for the youngest member of the family. . . She was by far the worst cook on earth. . . , he groans. Her gourmet meal was chilli and grilled cheese sandwiches but we had. . . this big brick of cheese and she would cut it too think and it wouldnt melt. So she would force me to eat these blocks of cheese. . . And while he couldnt escape playing dress-up, Mackie did come up with a solution to get out of eating the nasty snacks. . . She sister had a pet ferret so I would feed the ferret the grilled cheese sandwiches and thats how I was able to get out of it, he laughs. He was a very constipated ferret.


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