DC Confirms Nightwing Is One Of The Greatest Heroes Of All Time

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C Comics has just confirmed that Nightwing is one of the greatest forces for good in the DC Universe, and its addressed in the most touching way. . In the latest issue of DC Comics Nightwing, a new era has begun for Dick Grayson in the city of Blüdhaven. Having been out of the game for a few years due to injuries, Nightwing is finally back in action, ready to help anyone in need. Likewise, its just been confirmed that Nightwing is one of the greatest superheroes of all time, and that particular confirmation comes from the most touching and heartbreaking source. . . This new era for Nightwing comes from the all new creative team of writer Tom Taylor with art by Bruno Redondo, fresh off their run on Suicide Squad. After a flashback to the past, Nightwing is seen patrolling his city in the present, something he hasnt done in awhile as he was shot in the head a few years ago by the mercenary known as the KGBeast. Due to his head wound, Dick Grayson lost nearly all of his memories, leading to him leading a whole new life apart from Batman and his family, going by the name of Ric. However, the events of the Joker War in Gotham lead to Grayson getting his memories back. Now that the dust has settled and a rematch with KGBeast has taken place, Dick is finally ready to make his return as Nightwing in earnest. . . However, one of the saddest things that came from Dick being Ric was the fact that he was essentially another person when the Bat Familys butler Alfred Pennyworth died. Now in Nightwing


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