SHINees Minho kindly explains to a child why Jonghyun is not here and introduces him as a good unc
Onew, Key, Minho, and Taemin each sat down with kids who were born after the boy group had made their debut on Kids Review K-Pop Stars Career. Each pair watched different performances and listened to various songs by SHINee.

All the kids were impressed with SHINees performances, while the members were often hit with a reality check on how many years had passed since their debut. While watching the performances, one child asked Minho why one member was missing.
After watching the old performances with five members, the young girl quickly realized that the performances after 2017 only included only four members. She stated, Oh, theres one person missing? Minho sadly replied, Yes, one person is missing. The girl asked in response, Who? Why? Left the group?

Minho then calmly and carefully introduced Jonghyun by saying, Hes uncle Jonghyun…um..hes not well.. so… The girl said, oh, then hes not a bad uncle, to which Minho replied, yes, hes not a bad uncle, hes a good uncle. Then continued to explain about the first song SHINee released as a four-member group.

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